Profile - Callum Macburnie

Centre, born 1990 (January, Oxford) progressed from Moseley  Colts (as Colt of the season award holder) for the start of the 2009/10 season.

It is not often these days that a young player rises effortlessly through our Colts teams to take his place with the elite.

Callum Macburnie, an outside Centre, is the exception in that, at the start of the 2009/10 season, he was only 19 years 7 months old when he was awarded a professional contract. His track record is already impressive, having played for Oxfordshire, and a Development Scotland XV, as well as captaining the North Midlands U20 side.

He was born in Oxford in January 1990 and is now 6 ft 1inch, weighing 14st. He learnt to play rugby at the local junior club Whitney and joined Moseley in June 2007. He and his father were attracted to Moseley by the club’s well deserved reputation in the handling and development of players, particularly at the Colts level. Last season Callum was captain of the U19 colts, but was invited to train with the First XV squad.

Callum was educated at Bartholomew C.E. School in Oxfordshire and Hartpury College in Gloucester, where he took a National Diploma in Sport. He is now taking a three year external degree in Sports Coaching and starts the second year of the course in October. He also works within Moseley’s Community Coaching Programme.

Callum now lives in Edgbaston, where he will be joined by his girl friend Caroline, who is about to come up to Birmingham University. Together with his father, she is a regular supporter at his rugby matches. Sport, in all its forms, dominates Callum’s life.

It is unfortunate that the current England Academy tears promising players away from those clubs which nurture them - and where they are best placed for their future development.

It would therefore be ironic if one of ‘Moseley’s own’ progresses through the Scottish representative sides whilst those pulled to one of the PRL cartel clubs (by the lure of the England Academy letterhead) fall by the wayside.

It will be interesting to follow Callum’s Moseley career over the years ahead. We all wish him well and hope that he succeeds.










































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