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MOSELEY U17 COLTS (2010-2011)


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Moseley 49  Warley 0

League Match - Sunday 24/10/2010


Finally the 2nd League game of the season for the 17’s. It was always going to be a test of our ability to play to our structures against a team sent out to spoil any kind of flowing rugby and we knew that Warley would be no mugs as they had pushed Bromsgrove to within a point.

Our main focus was to play our game when and where we wanted to play it.

From the kick off we went practically the length of the field, through some good forward work, sweet handling and some barnstorming runs.

That start, as much as an opposition that were prepared to take ‘tactical spoiling’ to its fullest extent, was our downfall for the rest of the first half. Going into half time we were 21-0 ahead, although we had gone through a few scares in our own half and served up a curates egg of a performance. The most disappointing element was the fact that the ‘Lesser’ team, and I use the term loosely here, were dictating the pace and structure of the game. The main priority for us was to change that.

For patches in the 2nd half we got our hands on the ball and our heads into gear and the scores started to go in pulling us clear to the tune of 49 - 0. As always the running lines, scrummaging and line out were of the highest order. However, the problem for us is that sometimes we are so focused on running and passing that, especially up front, we are forgetting the bread and butter of hard work at the breakdowns and overly keen on trying to make one more yard at the contact area rather than focusing on the quality of the recycle.

Our ability to score tries through a touch of individual excellence or from improvisation in broken play is beyond doubt but at present if i was asked of our chances of grinding out a victory through a structured, disciplined, organised game i would have to pause for thought.

We need to turn our attention and skills to maintaining our game plan and structures in the face of tough, talented or just plain organised opposition.

It seems slightly harsh or hypercritical to be writing such a downbeat match report after a league game where we recorded a sizable victory and scored some lovely tries in the process, but its important we maintain standards that reflect the ability and ambition in this team.

In the coming couple of weeks we play DK, marking roughly the halfway point in this initial league structure. We are looking in a healthy position to progress onwards and upwards, this will then bring us into direct competition with the best teams in the district where upon all elements of our game will be tested. The ‘Easy’ games this season are fast running out.

The Warley game was stopped ahead of time due to a neck injury to Moseley Prop Josh Preece, Ambulances and Paramedics were called to cart Josh off to Hospital. I'm very happy to report that, although out of action for around a month, the worst effects after the game were a stiff neck; best of all this didn’t stop Josh getting on facebook that night; normal service maintained!


Moseley 21   Derby 20

Friendly - Sunday 3/10/2010

The score sheet doesn’t lie, it was that close! We won with the last kick of the game.

The weather on Sunday was horrendous and unfortunately some of the rugby on show from Moseley was worse.

After playing on a Sunday last week that was perfect for the type of game that we are striving to play, and the boys enjoy playing, we were confronted by two things that were always going to provide a different kind of test. The first, obviously, was the weather. The second was a very organised and combative Derby side.

In some ways I was quite pleased to have this side in these kinds of conditions. We have proved on countless occasions that we can play an open, expansive and attractive game, however, the rain, wind and opposition would mean that we would have to master the darker arts of a controlled, compressed, tactical game plan.

For most of the game Alan (Head Coach) and myself were left tearing our hair out on the touchline after numerous mistakes and an inability to retain possession meant that we trailed 20 – 7 going into the last quarter.

The most annoying part of the game for me was the fact that we seemed to have a complete inability to play to the conditions and dictate on the game when and where we were going play and, dare i say it, there seemed to an element of arrogance in the team that seemed to think that we merely had to turn up to win.

I have to admit that coming into the last quarter I thought that the game was over for us. We were stringing enough phases of play together and we weren’t executing when we were in their twenty two to get the scores we needed.

From somewhere, and quite how I’m yet still to understand, we came back and dominated the final quarter of the game. We weren’t on top form even in that time but there seemed to be an edge to us that matched the confidence that we had gone into the game. In the last ten minutes with multiple charges at the line we were getting closer and closer to the winning score.

Almost on the whistle we got there and Ben Morgan showed great composure to slot the conversion that gave us the slanderous of victories.

The lads didn’t quite get the verbal hairdryer treatment but sometimes a victory feels like a loss and there was certainly more in this win that needs to be worked on than questions answered.

However, to put the game into context. We were by no means at full strength, we still have players missing through Representative commitments, injury, illness and a couple were AWOL, in the latter stages we seemed to have realised how to master the elements and have come out with a win when all aspects seemed to point to a loss.

There’s a saying about good teams can still win when playing badly, I’m all for that, but we have to insure that this performance is only a blip and normal service will be regained, with lessons learnt, when we have our next League match @ Bromsgrove in a couple of weeks time. - Geraint Lewis



Old Halesoneans 14 - Moseley  61 

North Mids U17 Central League Match - Sunday 26/9/2010

 With thanks to Geraint Lewis for this report.

 It was the lad’s first foray into a structured League system and everything that entails; also added to the mix were the facts that it was only our second game of the season and we had players missing through North Midlands trials.

 The score suggests something of a one sided affair but the game was competitive throughout and although Moseley took their collective foot off the gas early in the second half Old Hales kept battling and proved a good opposition in all aspects of the game The Moseley tries came from all over the park and they were spread evenly throughout the team, so much so that tries were shared by both props through to all the wings that got game time.

 There were some newish faces to the team, a couple that have been summer recruitments, a couple that stepped us from the 16’s and one that is making a very welcome return after illness at the end of last season. It’s to their credit that they came in and found their feet rapidly and all added something to our team.

 All through the summer we have been striving to add aspects to our game to harness the team’s abilities as footballers and their desire to run from anywhere and we started to see the fruits of our labours in this game.  Some of the offloading was of the highest order and the way that we took some of the scoring opportunities were very pleasing.

 Looking at a score line such as the one that we posted its easy to think that everything in the Garden is rosy, however, as much as there were positives there were elements that need to be addressed if we are to continue to improve and place ourselves for the latter stages of the competition.

 We need to be more aggressive at the breakdown, remember that as much as we want an open, expansive game, structures must be maintained when we have the ball and when we don’t, and we need to up our break conversation rate!

 The next League game pitches us against Bromsgrove: nothing like a local derby to get the mind and body focused!

Geraint Lewis



Boys born between 1st September 1993 and 31st August 1994 (so in their first year out of secondary school) qualify as U17's and we would like to issue a blanket invitation to all aspiring rugby players to come and join us at Moseley. We would also urge any existing players who are registered with us but whom we have not seen for a while to come back & join in the fun!!

Training is at 6:30 on Thursday nights for weekend matches (usually Sundays).
For further details please contact Simon Bartlett, Colts’ Manager or John Bellenger U17's team manager.



1st Stage - North Midlands U 17 Central League
Moseley are in the central league with Old Halesonians, Bromsgrove, Warley, Redditch and Dudley Kingswinford. Moseley will play each of the sides once - home or away (ie 4 matches in total). The top 2 will go through to North Midlands League 1, 3rd and 4th to League 2, 5th & 6th to League 3.



 Colts Scores and/or reports – an appeal!

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This would really help out the team who have their hands full with coaching and organising - and help us all keep up to date. Please contact Dave Bettis on or speak to the team coaches


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