Sci-Mentor -
Official Sports Nutrition Partner to Moseley

Moseley Rugby Club is pleased to announce the continuation of its
arrangements with Sci Mentor as the club’s "Official Sports Nutrition Partner" supplying sports nutrition products to the first XV. 

“Sci-Mentor is an impressive range of batch-coded, ISO approved, fully traceable sports nutrition products for athletes keen to improve stamina, increase muscle mass, strength and integrity, prevent muscle breakdown, and improve both recovery and detox times.

Each of the 26 x ISO approved products are batch coded and fully traceable, accompanied by a unique ‘Certificate of Conformity’ supported by independent laboratory proof tests. Sci Mentor is the only brand in the sports nutrition industry to offer such a certificate - and the resultant peace of mind that such a rigorous approach to product quality ensures. This range is therefore ideal for high-performing rugby players who require high-performing nutrition products at a time where concern over drugs testing is high."

Sci Mentor are now one of the three market leading brands within rugby – for more information visit - Sci-mentor or call 07930 948 315


















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