Message Board - change of format and location

New Location
Following recent suggestions the message board facility has been updated and is now available at:

This board 'frozen' soon
The old board (Voy Forums) will be ‘frozen’ in the next few weeks and we will then request that all postings are made on the new board. This is being administered by the MSA (Moseley Supporters Association) and will require registration.

Registration remains 'private'
As always, the personal details will not be made available to any 3rd parties.

General Area and 'Section' areas
The new board has facilities for ‘general’ chat as well as messages specific to the various sections in the club. It also has a ‘guest’ section which doesn’t require registration.

This is designed to make it easy for visiting supporters to request information or provide information on an occasional basis without the need to register etc.

Boards in parallel for a while
The two boards will work in parallel for a short period in case of any posting issues. We hope you enjoy the new board!  The old message board can be accessed here.

Instant Posting & 'Unwanted' Users
Anybody who signs up is able to post straight away, but you will of course require an email address for confirmation. There is also a warning system for ‘unwanted’ users.

Visiting Supporters Welcome
Visiting supporters are more than welcome on the 'visitor' section. Here they can ask questions etc without the need to register. We do of course welcome visiting supporters to the other sections of the board – but they will need to register.

Calendar and Help
The calendar is also a great feature as everyone will be able see what is happening at the clubhouse and when.
Neil from the MSA is up at the clubhouse tonight if anybody wants a quick chat or a quick ‘show and tell’.

Questions or queries
Any queries or questions please email either  or