View from a new "convert" to the Moseley Mini & Junior Section

When my son returned from school saying he’d “been doing rugby”, my head filled with images of bruises and broken teeth. When he said he’d been training with Moseley, I couldn’t believe it - I know very little about rugby, but I do remember Moseley being THE Club in the Midlands when I was a teenager. I just couldn’t see my little chap being that good!

Anyway he nagged me and nagged me about joining Moseley and, in total innocence, he had started both his and my journey towards Sunday mornings at Billesley Common. That Schools Programme run by the Moseley players is fantastic and something that the Club and the City should be very proud of. If it’s possible, Sundays at Billesley are even better and, while we’ve only done a few weeks, the enthusiasm of all the M&J players, the volunteer coaches and all the organisers is overwhelming.

What impresses me most? Well I’ve already mentioned the enthusiasm of everyone and I’d add to that the quality of the coaching, the ladies in the kitchen, Anne who sells the M&J kit and the price of joining the M&Js. - my other son plays junior football and his subs cost more than double what I’ve paid Moseley.

What would I change? The only thing would be for me to get more involved. The volunteers seem to have endless energy, but they are only human. To run something that big and do it that successfully they need more help. I summoned up my courage to hand out flyers to total strangers for the brilliant Vegetable and Flower Auction and I enjoyed it! I’m now going to try and help some more and I’d encourage everyone else to do the same, even if you’ve only been there a few weeks.

And the future? That’s simple – Moseley will again be the Club in the Midlands and, who knows, maybe my son will be playing for them, maybe not. One thing’s for sure though, we’re both going to enjoy every minute we spend with the Mini & Juniors!

Emma Jameson

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