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2005/6 Season Reports

MWRFC 0 Nuneaton 27 - April 9th, 2006

The final match of this season saw Moseley women with the chance to finish second in the league, which compared to the bottom place finish this time last year, is already a major improvement and achievement, and is perhaps the most fitting testament to the hard work of the girls and coaches this year.

However the weather on Sundays was the first thing that didn’t go in the favour of Moseley women’s, the second was having three players turning up late due to take the wrong turn on the M6, giving the team little time to prepare themselves for the match. With Nuneaton sporting a much strong looking squad than last time, the most noted addition being the beast from Alcester. And Moseley only having 14 players available to them, this was going to be a big task for the girls.

With Moseley kicking off Liz back at fly half got us started, the first twenty minuets saw Moseley playing more like the middle last season, with both the handling a position being very sloppy, it wasn’t long before Nuneaton broke through to score under the posts which then proceed to convert.

The girls then started to switch on and some better play saw Emma launch down the wing however with only limited space she was quickly bundled in touch. In the scrum we struggled to hold Nuneaton as the beast would constantly infringe by not letting Jane bind properly. Unless the ref who in my opinion was one of the best we’ve had all season was stood on that side of the scrum.

However this meant that Nuneaton scrum half was able to creep right up on to Sarah and not give her time to get the ball clear. In the line out Marcela did as good a job as possible with very few balls going straight, but a special mention has to be given to Katy prop who was fantastic time in the loose and deservedly got man of the match. Despite the improvement Nuneaton scored again but failed to convert. Just before the end of the second half Emma came the closest to scoring but went out touch just before the line.

The second half saw a much more determined Moseley side come out, only being 12-0 down there was still a chance to win this for Nicky who was playing her last match. With a further improved set piece and blinding tackles by Kate when Nuneaton went blind on the scrum, Moseley gained ground, but with silly errors in the handling and not using the ball quickly enough from mauls.

Moseley had a scrum 5 metres from their line unfortunately Liz missed a poor pass by Sarah, and the Nuneaton scrum half dived on top to score, thankfully they failed to convert. The woes for Moseley didn’t finish there again despite their best Moseley were unable to get close to crossing the line again, even after being awarded numerous penalties thanks mainly to the gob of the beast. Katy prop however gave her, her answer at one point which lifted the girl’s sprits briefly; however Nuneaton scored two more unanswered tries before the final whistle.

To have come 2nd was more than anyone would have expected at the start of this season, and perhaps its best that they go away this summer and address areas that need further improvement. There is no doubt in my mind that Moseley can beat any team in their league when they are switched on and playing at their best.

Even so, the Ladies team has made significant strides this season and the fact that the players are disappointed about not finishing even higher in the league is a testimony to a healthy revived ambition. Well done this season.

New players welcome!

Come and join us for training on Thursdays 7-9 and join in the fun. All over 17's and all abilities welcome. We would particularly welcome any experienced players to come and show the novices how it’s done!

We welcome both experienced players and novices. In particular we are looking to recruit a few experienced, 'battle hardened' players to complement and take the strain from our novices, allowing them time to develop rather than having to be at the coal face week after week.
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Burton 0 MWRFC 38 - April 2nd, 2006

After losing by 24 – 0 at home to Burton in the first game of the season, the Moseley girls visited Burton-on-Trent with a view to getting stuck in and looking for a large helping of revenge. Unfortunately, while the victory was substantial and revenge was in some senses sweet, the form of the winning was a bit odd to say the least. Having arrived with a full team Moseley found that Burton could only muster 10 players. When Burton were reduced to 9 players after 20 minutes, the referee correctly called the match off as a league fixture, only allowing the game to continue as a 12 a side friendly with 3 Moseley players (Moira, Jane and Wendy) turning out for Burton. If you add the wind, rain, rolling substitutions and the fact that so many Moseley players were playing out of position (not to say for the wrong team) you will forgive me if I confess to a certain degree of confusion about who did what, when, to whom and why. However, I shall persevere.

Moseley kicked off to begin a scrappy match which inevitably lacked structure and continuity with so many players out of position, while the absence of back row support resulting from the reduced numbers made ball retention and recycling difficult. The first try came from Moseley stand-off Kat after 7 minutes, as she stole the ball in the tackle from her opposite number following a Burton scrum on their own 22 and ran in under the posts. The conversion was missed by Nicky, setting the tone for the ‘who can score the most Moseley conversions’ competition between her and Scrum Half Sarah which was convincingly won by Sarah. Sarah should be warned that Nicky is in fact an evil genius and is not to be riled or messed with without the appropriate protective equipment and a long stick. The scored stood at 0 – 5 Moseley.

The game finished as a competition on 20 minutes after a rather nasty tackle on Tori following an impressive break by Amy McGuinness in the centre. The tackle saw Tori leave the pitch with concussion and the Burton tackler carried off with a rather unpleasant looking twisted knee. After a long break for injury and with 3 points safely in the bag, Moseley proceeded to go on to demolish a beleaguered and demoralised Burton. Kate at No 8 scored 2 impressive tries (both converted, 1 each to Sarah and Nicky) and was Moseley ‘Player of the Match’ with some justification. However she was ably supported in the last 20 minutes of the first half by both Amys, Sarah, Frag and Lou. The score was only limited to 0 – 19 at half time by some poor Moseley handling in the wet and a wide streak of luck for Burton who were handling in their own in goal area at times.

Kate’s first half brace of tries was mirrored by two from scrum half Sarah after the break. The first came after 1 minute in a move started and finished (and converted) by Sarah, with a bit of sharp handling from Lorna and Lou in between. 0 – 26 Moseley. Her second was run in following a break by Kate from the base of a Moseley scrum midfield in the Burton half to take the score on to 0 – 31. The final try saw Moseley centre Amy McGuinness run from half way to take yet another try under the posts, again converted by Sarah. Final score Burton 0 – Moseley 38.

It is difficult to take too much away from what became a very scrappy friendly played in atrocious conditions. Yet the Moseley lineout worked well, albeit with little to challenge it and Moseley took their opportunities mercilessly with some strong running right across the Moseley team. Well done also to Moira, Jane and Wendy who got into the spirit of things while playing for Burton. Some might say they were too good. Questions will be asked about why Wendy played her best game of the season for the opposition and why Jane was seen to be engaged in a karate competition with Lorna on the halfway line after the final try. Nice moves. Let’s hope for a return to a more normal diet next Sunday in the final league game of the season against Nuneaton on April 9th at Billesley.


MWRFC 5  Newcastle 7 - March 12th, 2006

For those that took Andrew's advice for last week and braved the cold of Billesley common to watch Moseley women play, certainly won’t have been disappointed. For a start it was pleasure seeing both teams field a full fifteen and play contested scrums, something our girls haven’t been able to do for the last few matches. And secondly having the opposition adding a little spice to the match by telling radio 1 DJ Vernon Kay how they were going to whop Moseley. Despite early problems with finding a ref this had the makings of a great game.
The first quarter saw some scrappy moments of play with both sides being equally penalized by the ref for errors made. However after several successive phases and some brilliant handling and passing Moseley crossed the line through Sarah, who had already started a trend that would be a key feature throughout the match of disrupting the opposition’s set piece. Unfortunately Liz was unable to convert due to lack of appropriate footwear. The second quarter saw Moseley spend much of their time in Newcastle’s twenty two and came close on a couple of occasions to further increasing the lead, thanks to good running from our backs and spirited tackling from Lou and the rest of the forwards.

The second half started in favour of Moseley with the girls either keeping Newcastle’s attack firmly in check or making a couple of breaks and nearly scoring again. Just before the end of the first quarter Newcastle did manage to break through the strong Moseley defence, however Wendy at full back managed to slow their runner down, long enough for support to get back to stop a potential score. Unfortunately, they were less lucky when the Newcastle scrum half broke through again and crossed the line under the post which was quickly converted.

The Moseley girls were however undeterred and if anything started to play even better with the tight five gaining ground in the scrum, and our jumper Amy stealing some of Newcastle’s line out ball. They pushed back into Newcastle’s twenty two and were awarded a penalty which was quickly taken as the girls tried to batter their way across the line with play switching from one side of the field to the other. However Newcastle eventually turned us over, but tried in vain to get anywhere, and with more great play by all, Moseley were back in Newcastle’s twenty two with yet another penalty. With only a few minutes left the girls tried their best to score with Emma just crossing the line in the final seconds the Moseley support let out a great cheer. Sadly as the final whistle blew we realised that Emma had lost the ball and Newcastle had won the match.

Despite the loss Moseley were by far the better team and as Derek said at the end of the match the women played the best rugby he has seen from them this season and while there are still things that need working on they have come along way. So chin up all, Burton don’t stand a chance against you lot, and with Nuneaton the week after that I can see the future looking very bright for Moseley women’s

Next MWRFC match:

The next MWRFC match is against Burton (away) on Sunday April 2nd


Sutton Coldfield 17 MWRFC 20- March 5th, 2006


If you haven’t watched Mosley Women play for some time I’d advise you to take your next opportunity as this is a changed side from the one which finished bottom of their league last season.

Reduced to 14 a side at the request of Sutton and forced by the inexperience of the Sutton front row to sacrifice their undoubted scrummaging superiority through uncontested scrums, they put in a display of immense character and no little ability to come from behind twice to win by 17 - 20 away from home.

The game suffered throughout from erratic refereeing which frustrated both sides. Following decisions which revealed an unusual understanding of the laws of the game, speculation that the ref held shares in a major Midlands whistle manufacturer was rife on the touchline.

Indeed the referee awarded no less than 7 consecutive penalties to Sutton in the opening 10 minutes for reasons best known to himself. This disrupted Moseley and despite some hard tackling by Lou at openside, which reacquainted the Sutton scrum-half with her lunch, and strong driving runs from Frag and Katie, Moseley’s early failure to complete tackles and compete at the breakdown led to two tries by Sutton in the opening 20 minutes and a Sutton lead of 12 – 0 after the 1st quarter.

A few calming words of wisdom that the Moseley coach imparted after the second Sutton score had the desired effect.

Moseley’s first try on the half hour illustrates a major change of attitude. Committed rucking, support play and handling saw three quick phases before the ball moved wide to the right wing for an unconverted try from Amy at No 8, who, like the rest of the back row, had an outstanding final hour.

Aggressive tackling and strong running from stand-off Luger (justifiably Moseley player of the match) and winger Kat, who had an excellent game in attack and defence, combined with hard work by their strong pack of forwards to see Moseley score two further unconverted tries either side of half time taking the lead 12 - 15. The first scored by the quick and impressive centre Frankie, and the second by Ade at second row, another player who made her presence felt all afternoon.

However, the most impressive part of Moseley’s entertaining and hard fought win was in the final 20 minutes of the match as a lapse of concentration saw Sutton steal a try against the run of play.

Rather than concede defeat Moseley stuck to the game plan and after stealing a Sutton lineout around the halfway line took they ball to both sides of the pitch before Frag scored in the dying minutes to see Moseley win by 17 - 20.

Both sides deserve credit in this close fought match. However Moseley showed greater determination and discipline as even Nicky managed to contain her unusually aggressive tendencies.

There is still much work to be done but despite a slow start and some periods of scrappy play Moseley gave a convincing forward display combined with significant ability in their back line to come out worthy winners.

The next MWRFC match is at Billesley against Newcastle on Sunday 12th March – 1.00pm kick off.

New players welcome! Come and join us for training on Thursdays 7-9 and join in the fun. All over 17's and all abilities welcome. We would particularly welcome any experienced players to come and show the novices how it’s done! We welcome both experienced players and novices.

Nuneaton 5 MWRFC 7 - January 22, 2006

We were playing 12's with roll on/off subs. Moseley were disappointed that there was uncontested scrummaging from the start, but with plenty of pack effort we were able to spend most of the first 30 minutes in Nuneaton's half.

Scoring for both teams didn't occur until the 2nd half when Emma found some open space and scored our first and only try. This went on to be converted by Nicky.

Some missed tackles/opportunities brought a try for Nuneaton who were unable to convert it. Due to Emma and Kirsty's injuries we were able to try a few people in new positions.

The team is only too aware of areas to be worked upon but with team commitment we will undoubtedly be able to do this.

League Table - Midlands 3 West

P W D L F A Diff BP BT Pts

Lichfield      8 8 0 0 427 39 388 0 0 24
Burton        9 5 2 2 164 112 52 0 0 21
Bridgenorth 8 6 0 2 257 82 175 0 0 20
Newcastle  9 5 0 4 178 134 44 0 0 19
Moseley     9 3 1 5 113 183 -70 0 0 16
Earlsdon     8 2 2 4 56 190 -134 0 0 14
Sutton C’field 9 1 1 7 86 338 -252 0 0 12
Nuneaton    6 0 0 6 17 220 -203 0 0 6

The next MWRFC match is away at Bridgnorth on Sunday 12th February.


MWRFC 7 Lichfield 40 - January 14, 2006
Well the score says a lot about the game. Moseley started off well with most of the first 20 minutes played in Lichfield's half. Some good tackling and forward work kept Lichfield at bay but Moseley seemed to lack oomph, for want of a better description, from thereon.

We were outrun by them, as they very neatly exploited the large gaps in the backs. Perhaps somebody taking charge of the backs would help, no one seemed to give them instruction, and we failed to take them down when we tackled them. If we take their legs they can't run.

The line out seemed to go up too early and by the time the ball was released, Lou was on the way down. Take heart in the fact that we salvaged a try and conversion in the last 5 minutes of the game, well done Liz Plumber (Louga).

We also need to watch our tempers as four or five penalties were conceded through hot headed action. Onwards and upwards girls, there are bound to be valley's to sink in as well as mountains to conquer.

Newcastle 24 MWRFC 5  - November 27, 2005

A disappointing game all round. After the euphoria of our win the previous weekend, MWRFC got well and truly stuck in the mud!

There was not much in the way of good news from the trip to Newcastle-under-Lyme. On arrival we could see that the pitch was a bog in places and the weather cold and damp. Three minutes later, we were a try and conversion down. Soon to be doubled.

Moseley gradually got the measure of the pitch and the opposition. We dug in well and recovered with a score of our own. By half-time though we were trailing 19-5.
The final score belies the fact that we played a very good game. The forwards gave it their all and the backs ran their socks off, despite regular infringements by the opposition.


Our tackling was very good as was our determination to stop them in their tracks, and full credit to the team for not losing their temper with what I can only describe as a unique (and in places dangerous) interpretation of the rules by some. The whole team was a credit to the club. We really do need to have suitably qualified referees for these games. Onwards and upwards!


MWRFC 25  Sutton Coldfield 0 - November 20, 2005


As our ladies first victory in the last few seasons this match did not disappoint - Sutton who beat Moseley at home last season in a 40+ to nil thrashing were in for a surprise as we saw the development of the ladies over the last 2 seasons bear fruit.


Sutton are a fast side that like to spin the ball wide but they were not allowed to do this by Moseley who took the ball straight up the middle to test the Sutton defence through the back row and centres.


Moseley got off to a shaky start with a knock on from the kick and, although the ball was taken against the head easily through aggressive scrummaging, various handling errors trapped them in their 22m for the first 5 minutes of the game. This was not a trend that would continue however as the ladies quickly began to assert their dominance which continued throughout the (mis)match.


A powerful run from flanker turned inside centre Lorna beating half a dozen Sutton defenders took Moseley up to half way in partnership her outside centre Steph Warner. The 2 functioned as a unit, Lorna using her strength and Steph gave her speed in close support.


From this point on Sutton would be playing in their own half, their poor tackling and disorganised defence proving easy work for the rampaging Moseley back row.


Moseley were dominant in both ruck and maul Sutton having to resort to killing the ball to halt our forward progress. the first try came in the first quarter as Moseley settled into their game. It was produced from crashing the ball up through the centres and then working it through excellent support play - offloads and pick and gos form the forwards  - the dynamic 2nd row duo of Ade and Frag working exceptionally well together.


At the set piece Moseley reigned supreme taking the ball against the head at both Scrum and lineout for 95% of the game- Nigel Stelling's coaching paying off nicely. the first half was dominated by forward play, which Sutton could not handle, and several trys followed - at half time they were 3 tries up.


The second half proceeded in the same style Scrum half Sarah Robinson badgering her opposite number at the scrum and cutting off supply of the ball to the Sutton backs. our number 9 worked as a strong team with standoff Liz Plummer who controlled the game and managed the forwards successfully.


 Early in the second half outside centre Steph Warner had to go off with a head injury and flanker Kirstie Ashworth was moved out of the scrum. however it was a this point that Moseleyproved that they could deliver excellent pack play out wide - spinning the ball straight down the line from a lineout on half way put our winger into space.


She was unfortunately denied by and excellent last ditch tackle from the Sutton Fullback - who could have been said to be the only thorn in Moseley's side - without her pace and hard tackling as the last man Moseley would have put 50 point past their opposition.


this was a well-deserved victory that has sprung out of increased dedication from the ladies and the input of the coaching team of Derek Nutt and Nigel Stelling this season. More tries may have come but for the over exuberance of a Moseley team not used to scoring let alone winning!


Now they are in the scoring habit we anticipate the run of success continuing as the side move up through mid table from their position in the relegation zone earlier this year. - Helen Boyle


MWRFC 5  Bridgnorth 34 - October 30, 2005


Given the number of injuries we are carrying, and the absence of several regular players,  Moseley did well to field a side of eleven players. 


From the start we defended well, lasting till almost halftime before we conceded 2 quick tries. From then on the game went slowly downhill, as our lack of players told, two players had never played a game before today (and both acquitted themselves admirably) and one had just finished a 17 hour shift (glutton for punishment isn't she).


Tackling was on the whole better, (a few high ones to be watched in future), and despite the score we fought an admirable battle, all things being equal, and can hold our heads up.


A late consolation try from Lorna saved a blank score sheet, and restored some spirit. Our weakness, if I can call it that, is not spotting the weakness in the opposition sooner and then exploiting it, something to work on there.


Roll on next match, and hopefully a full team to play with. - Stuart Hubble



Action Photographs Available!


Action Photography attended last week’s home match against Bridgnorth and has posted the photographs on its gallery site for supporters; Mums & Dads; doting Grandparents etc to buy. In return for the club promoting the sale – we get to use them for programmes and the website.


Take a look at the last home match pictures at: and click on galleries.

Lichfield 24 MWRFC  5 - October 09, 2005


Moseley travelled away to Lichfield with a strong team, a lot of belief and a new (extra smart) kit!!

Unfortunately Lichfield only had 12 players so in line with with league rules, Moseley had to drop 3 players to the sub bench. Almost straight from kick off Moseley were up to the opponents 15m line and threatening to score. After a couple of scrums and nearly stealing the ball, Lichfield were able to clear, kicking the ball into touch.


The next 15 minutes saw sustained pressure from Moseley with several players making good runs, however they were unable to convert the pressure into points. Almost against the run of play, Lichfield got quick ball and ran in an excellent try. They had a period of pressure and looked certain to score again, only to be denied by no.15 (Steph - making her debut at full back). Moseley's forwards played out of their skins and some brilliant running from the backs saw them get to Lichfield's 10m line. They competed well for the ball, however eventually conceded a penalty from a turnover ball which allowed Lichfield to clear. The end of the first half, despite Moseley keeping possession well, Lichfield again scored on the break. Half time 12 - 0

The second half both sides had equal possession, however some superb running from the Lichfield backs allowed them to score quickly after the kick off. Moseley's forwards played some great rugby , winning the ball in the scrums and line outs and forced Lichfield into conceding penalties on more than one occasion! However Lichfield again got quick ball and ran in a 4th try. Moseley kept their heads up and Amy and Lorna both made storming runs through Lichfield's defence and towards the end of the game the team got a well deserved try (Ade being the scorer!) Unfortunately the angle for the conversion was tight and the extra 2 points were missed.

Considering this was the team who beat Earlsdon by over 100 points, Moseley did excellently to hold them to 24 - 5. Each player gave 110% and Amy is an inspired captain...
It looks good for the home game next weekend!!

MWRFC 0 Burton 24 - September 25, 2005

Moseley women's first match of the season unfortunately ended in defeat to an experienced and well organised Burton side. However it was a good run out and despite highlighting areas to work on, there were a lot of positives to take from the game.

Burton started with a quick try after the kick off and another two towards the end of the first half. However Moseley kept positive, focused and played with belief. The side worked hard to keep the ball at the scrums and line outs and managed to force Burton into conceding several penalties. However they were unable to turn these into any real advantage. (Something to work on!!)

The majority of the game was played in the middle of the park and the forwards did a tremendous job considering it was the season’s first game and deserve credit and recognition for the amount of work they put in. Unfortunately the ball didn't get out to the backs as much as was hoped since Burton were quick in the tackles and in securing loose ball.

The second half followed much the same pattern, however some superb tackling prevented Burton from scoring more than one try and even this was at the very end of the game!

Moseley are a side that have recently changed coaches, are in the process of reforming and building a solid and consistent squad. Taking this into account, they did well to hold Burton to only 4 tries, their shape on the field was good with everyone keeping to their positions and no-one being caught offside. Communication between team members is improving week by week and everyone supported their fellow team mates well.