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2006/7 Season Report


Moseley   63     v     0     Nuneaton                                     Sunday 4th March 2007



With the rain pouring down and the wind howling around their ears, it wasn’t enough to perturb Moseley from playing their last game of the session, and play they did. With the side being the strongest it has ever been it was a shame that it was to come to an end. With this in mind Moseley played like a team and ended the session on a tremendous high. Moseley kicked off and all most instantly won the ball back and with only 4 mins on the clock the try scoring began with good formations and great handling the ball was convincingly passed out to Emma who dodged and weaved to score the first of the day.


Despite Nuneaton’s efforts they tried to come back at Moseley only to be stopped in their tracks by some hard tackles and a well turned over ball.

With plenty of discipline and structure Moseley continued to dominate the game and in the 8th minute of the game Emma again broke through Nuneaton’s defence to dance the ball over the line for the second try of the game.

With all the players being soaked to the skin it didn’t stop them from having very strong scrums and rucks, and with the combined power of the front row Nuneaton clearly had difficulty holding Moseley back.


Moseley made a few errors and lucky for them Nuneaton failed to take full advantage of them, with a good passes from Liz and Pitbull the ball was made available for Emma to score a hat-trick and the third try, which was cleanly converted by Pitbull. Again Nuneaton added on the pressure and almost scored with an up and under but was covered by Wendy and taken to the 20meter line.

Emma almost scored a 4th but was brought up short of the line and turned over by Nuneaton. Following the scrum Nuneaton only managed to clear the ball as far as Wendy who put on a burst of speed and took the ball back towards Nuneaton’s try line.


With bone crunching tackles Nuneaton’s defence were knocked flying like skittles in a bowling ally. Moseley won many scrums against the head creating plenty of opportunities for them to move forwards.

The 4th try took a little more effort from Moseley and Kate managed to battle her way over the line. A good break from Frag Nuneaton were caught on the counter attack some quick passing and the ball popped out to Lorna, who after a quick glance behind her realised it was only her, she went into fifth gear and ran with the speed of light up the pitch with Nuneaton players in her wake she managed to face plant the ball over the line for the 5th try.


Again Nuneaton made efforts to score but it was not to be and Moseley defended well and kept them of the line. Shortly into the second half Emma managed to bag herself a fourth try of the game making it the 6th for Moseley.

Moseley was on a roll and continued to add pressure with a 7th try scored by Robbo after a good driving maul. The 8th of the day came from a quick penalty by Robbo who passed out to Steph who took it over the line (her first of the season)

The 9th try came from the infamous Amy McGuiness, converted by Pitbull.


The 10th came from Kate who managed to find the gap. And the final try of the day was also Kate’s. Making the final score 63 – 0 to Moseley.

Ladies you have had a marvellous season and you have improved tremendously!!

Keep up the hard work and next year the league will be yours for the taking.

And I’m sure all the supporters will agree you have been like watching a flower grow and fight its way through the ice, wind and rain to fully blossom in the spring.  Well done!!!



Tries – Emma Shields (4) Steph Warner (1) Sarah Robinson (1) Kate Crowley (3) Amy McGuiness (1) Lorna Tibbets (1)

Conversions – Katie Mohan (4)



Carrie Lewis

Moseley    51    v     0    Sutton Coldfield                                  25th February 2007


With all cylinders on full Moseley, came out of the changing rooms strong and confident.

Moseley kicked off the game and soon regained the ball with good tackling by the forwards they managed to turn the ball over, the back lined up and in position giving them plenty of numbers and choices to take the ball past the Sutton defence, forcing them back into their own 22 meters. Sutton continued to try and defend but with Moseley moving from right to left with clean throws and good catches and set plays learnt in training  the first of many tries was scored by Kate Crowley.


Sutton made a few errors which gave Moseley the foot in the scrum. The front row drove hard as they always do allowing Amy Pugh to pick up the ball and move the game forward passing out to Robbo and then Guinness who slipped past 2 Sutton players but unfortunately brought down short of the try line. Sutton managed to turn the ball which they soon dropped and Moseley quickly covered. Unfortunately for Moseley they conceded a penalty and Sutton kicked for the line out but still in their own half.

With strong tackling Moseley managed to intercept the ball, fast feeding from Robbo and a good line from the backs again, opportunities for Moseley arose but with a good tackle from Sutton the ball went off into touch.


With discipline and structure Amy McGuiness managed to dodge past Sutton’s defence to score the second try of the day. Moseley continued to make crunching tackles and show some good off loading play and the forwards dominated the rucks and mauls.

And although Moseley was a bit flat at time they managed to regain composure and play the ball well. Sutton managed to gain the ball but could not find their way through the Moseley defence and get out of their own half, a strong tackle from Emma Shields and Moseley again turned the ball. Moseley began to bunch and made a few handling errors but were soon saved by the front row who protected the ball well, strong driving by Liz Dziergas and Jane Hubble gave Moseley some good ground which ended up with Sutton being penalised for being offside.


Moseley ran the ball allowing Victoria Clifford to score the third try of the game.

Towards the end of the first half Sutton put on the pressure and looked as though they were going to score but nothing was getting past Moseley despite the errors that were made.

Shortly before the half time whistle a second try came from Amy McGuiness making it the forth of the day. A comedy backwards on the floor pass from Liz Dziergas ironically almost gave the chance to take advantage of the space and score again. Moseley finished the half with Kirstie Ashworth scoring the fifth try of the afternoon.


Moseley started the second half as strong as they started the first, again with superb driving from the forwards Moseley covered some good ground and continued to turn the ball over and gain possession. Sutton added on the pressure forcing Moseley back into their own half of the pitch. Moseley found their line and got the foot into the scrum again good set plays came into use, but unfortunately Moseley made an error giving Sutton the foot into the scrum which they took advantage of and made a good run only to be stopped by Wendy Hooker.

Moseley battled pushing and driving hard and sixth try came from Kate Crowley.

Keeping the pressure on Moseley kept Sutton in their own half and after much frustration the seventh try was eventually scored by Kate Crowley.


Soon after Sutton restarting Moseley were hungry for more and some nice passing gave Amy McGuiness her forth chance of scoring, making the eighth try.

With Moseley on a roll and fresh legs on the pitch the ninth and final try of the game fell nicely in Liz Plummer's hands and she sneaked past the line of the defence to touch the ball down ending the game 51 – 0 to Moseley.



Tries – Amy McGuiness (4), Kate Crowley (2), Kirstie Ashworth (1) Liz Plummer (1) Victoria Clifford  (1)

Conversions - Katie (pit-bull) Mahon (3)





Moseley     19    V     29    Malvern Angels                                  4th February 2007


With Moseley all fired up and adrenaline flowing, we were ready to face what could be our hardest game of the session.  Again we had a full squad of 15 with one to spare; our starting line up was possibly our strongest yet.

Malvern angels began the game setting the pace for what was to be a hard and fast game. With Moseley taken by surprise by the speed of some of the Malvern players it wasn’t long before they managed to slip past Moseley despite a few handling errors, Moseley were caught off guard and Malvern scored the first try of the afternoon.


Not perturbed by the early scoring of Malvern, Moseley quickly regained themselves showing Malvern Angels what they were made of.  Moseley came back at Malvern hard and fast proving they had what it takes.  Moseley’s scrums were as strong as ever, giving opportunity for the backs to move the game forward and pushing into Malvern half of the pitch.

Unfortunately a good positional line out did not go in Moseley’s favour and gave Malvern the scrum from with they made a good clearance pushing Moseley back to their 10yrd line.  Moseley defended well and regained some good ground.


With all players starting to bunch Moseley took advantage of the gaps with some good passes; Emma managed to slip past 3 Malvern players, but was soon brought to stop and play was brought back.  Despite Moseley’s efforts Malvern Angels took advantage utilising their speed and managed to score their second try thus the score being 12 – 0 to Malvern Angels.

Moseley came back fighting and forced Malvern to make errors; with Malvern’s defence starting to weaken Moseley kept composure and kept the pressure on.

With a good ball out of the ruck from Robbo out to Frag who ran the ball up to Malvern’s 10yrd line stopped by Malvern’s defence, to their disappointment the referee awarded the scrum to Moseley, Malvern battled hard to keep Moseley from crossing the line.


Shortly before half time Mosley won the scrum against the head, with quick thinking by Amy Pugh by going the blind side, followed by a strong ruck by the forwards, Robbo recycled the ball quickly to Kirstie who span it nicely into the path of Guinness who side stepped one squeezed through two Malvern players to take the ball over the line for a well deserved try.

Emotions were running high at the start of the second half, both teams hungry for the win.

Malvern Angels again caught Moseley on the counter attack speeding their way to score their 3rd try of the day.  Moseley stayed strong and Malvern’s scrums were no match for Moseley, with good set plays from Moseley gaps in Malvern’s defence started to open up and Moseley took advantage of this with a good passing combo, Kirstie popped the ball out to Guinness who slipped through the eye of a needle to score Moseley’s 2nd try which was cleanly converted by Pitbull. Moseley was back in the game!


Moseley continued to battle but as players started to tire Malvern again utilised their speed and scored a forth try or though it took all their efforts and a few injuries.  Moseley did not give up hope and gave as good as they got.  A good line out from Moseley and a forceful drive they soon put the pressure back on Malvern and squeezed a 3rd try again converted by Pitbull.  With only minutes to go it was anyone’s game.


A fatal mistake by Moseley was taken advantage of by Malvern and they scored their 5th and final try on the game ending it 19 – 29 to Malvern angels.


A very close game, well done ladies, you are definitely a team not to be messed with or under estimated!


Tries – Amy McGuiness (2), Ade Fall (1), conversions - Katie (pit-bull) Mahon (2)


Lichfield ii   14    V      0    Moseley                                              21st January 2007


What more can I say Moseley ladies may have lost, but they played the best rugby of the season.  After their victory last week Moseley went into this match full of confidence and from the kick off the ladies were well up for it. Moseley lost the toss and Lichfield’s stand off got us started and it wasn’t long before we were ten meters from our line but some excellent tackling and rucking saw Moseley gain possession and slowly regain ground until they lost passion but forced a lineout.  With our main jumper of on holiday it was up to Liz who was hooking to jump and Steph to throw.  Despite this new combination we had no problem cleanly winning the line out. More dogged and determined play saw the team grind slowly forward till we were award a scrum from a knock on by one of the opposition. Moseley easily out muscled the opposition and again went forward only to concede a penalty at the breakdown. 


                The Lichfield stand off kicked the ball back deep into our twenty two, the kick was well covered by our back line which promptly tried to regain ground only for use to lose passion and have the opposition knock on again this time Lou at 8 picked up and went making a few meters.  The ball was shipped to Frag and Ade who both tried to crash through but Lichfield’s defensives held hard. Our centres then tried to give it a go but neither could make much way.  We again lost the ball and the opposition knocked on this time Sarah who normally is the scourge of the opposition scrum half found herself harassed by Lichfield’s scrum half this gave Lichfield a chance to get back in side our twenty two again they were forced to knock on by fantastic defensive work by the Moseley team.


              This time rather than going for Sarah the scrum half blocked a kick by Kirstie and went on to score, though were fairly sure she was offside.  Lichfield managed to convert. The ball was gathered from the restart and a strong maul formed by the Moseley girls which gained at least ten meters only for the referee to award a scrum to Lichfield while the maul was going forward. This time a well worked piece by Lichfield created a gap through which there number twelve scored, there stand off converting again. Lichfield came close again but a deliberate crossing move saw a try go begging and penalty to Mosley.  More dogged play by us and several wonky lines out by Lichfield saw neither side gain much ground The last five minuets of the first half saw Moseley try to go forward again only to have Kate Crowley dumped tackled and Pit-bull carried of for a rest after landing badly in a tackle, forcing the scrum to go uncontested the half time score 14-0 to Lichfield. 


               With the wind to the backs Moseley were determined to level the score.  Hard work and good kicking by Kirstie saw Moseley gain ground again only to have Lichfield awarded another scrum from a Moseley maul that was going forward.  Sarah got back in to her usual role of stopping the opposition getting clean ball of the back of the scrum.  This time Lichfield gained ground and a scrum for there own maul. But more determined work by Sarah saw Moseley gain possession and drive forward again, but to no avail, losing the ball to penalty.  This was quickly followed by the referee awarding another penalty to them then us.


               Kirstie finding touch in there twenty two again our line out worked in good fashion and saw us awarded a penalty as the Lichfield jumper took out Liz  in the air.  This time the penalty taken at a run still didn’t manage to break the Lichfield line.  The rest of the half saw dogged defensive work by both teams as both tried to gain the upper hand.  Lichfield throwing every switch and play they could to break our line, but our ladies held firm. The last five minuets saw Lichfield creeping toward our line but again only to be denied by everyone tackling like there lives depended on it Final score 14-0 Lichfield. 


                The ladies can only be proud of there performance this weekend as Lichfield have set up the game since last year and proved they can play fifteens as well as twelve’s. The Lichfield captains debrief brought a smile to all that heard it.  Claming that it was a great match and they done really well to beat such a strong, skilled and well drilled team.  If Moseley do stay down this year then heaven help all next years opposition in division 3.  The Next match sees Moseley taken on league leaders Malvern Angles at home if the girls play this well were in with a real shot at retaining second place, bring it on.


Ralph Wigley


Moseley 63    V    5  Bridgenorth                                                 14th January 2007

The first week back to training shows some promise to the second half of the season, will Moseley be powering out of the changing rooms or has the Christmas spirit taken its toll?  Moseley were off to a flying start as they powered themselves up the hill, with good scrums and rucks providing lots of drive and power creating the opportunity for the backs to do their thing and score the first try of the afternoon by Amy McGuiness.


Despite losing the first line out Moseley showed good composure and soon rectified the situation with strong defending and a good pushing scrum (Pit-bull, Liz and Jane) Moseley managed to steel the ball back. Due to handling errors it wasn’t long before Bridgenorth regained possession and continued to force Moseley back towards their ten yard line claiming two penalties which they chose to run but only getting as far as the strong line of defence, Moseley forced Bridgenorth to have a dead ball, coming back for a scrum.


With Moseley having the foot in was to powerful for Bridgenorth to hold and in their attempts caused the scrum to wheel. Moseley continued to grow in confidence as the first half went on, a good up and under by Kirstie unfortunately bounced oddly and just missed by Guinness; Picked up by Bridgenorth who tried to return the favour which was well covered by Amy Pugh.


Bridgenorth were forced to give the line out, giving Moseley the perfect opportunity to take advantage, a good kick from Robbo covering at least 20yrds in Bridgenorth's half followed by strong mauls and a few bruising tackles Moseley won the ball, lost the ball, won the ball Moseley finally gained back their structure a good run by Wendy through the Bridgenorth defence falling short of the try line. Moseley recycled the ball and put together a string of passes from Robbo to Kirstie who dodged the Bridgenorth player to pop it out to Guinness who took the ball over the line to score the second try of the day.


Despite Moseley positioning themselves tight together they managed to keep the ball in Bridgenorth half and it wasn’t long before Amy McGuiness put the ball over the try line for her hat trick which was cleanly converted by Pit-bull. Bridgenorth continued to battle hard but were no match for the try hungry Moseley team who dodged and weaved their way through the Bridgenorth side allowing Kate Crowley to score the fourth try with ease placing the ball right underneath the posts, coolly converted by Pit-bull


Shortly before the end of the first half a few changes were made in the Moseley side. As the players began to tire skills started to slip, with Moseley not utilising their overlap, Bridgenorth took advantage of Moseley’s mistakes and on a couple of occasions nearly broke through Moseley’s defence. Despite all of Bridgenorth's efforts they weren’t enough to stop Moseley scoring a fifth (Amy McGuiness) and sixth try (Emma Shield) before half time.


With Moseley comfortably in the lead going in to the second half they had the advantage of going down hill combined with the power of the front row.

With a good talk from the coach Derek at half time Moseley started to create good lines of attack making the game look easy not to mention the try scored by Amy Pugh. With some good passing Bridgenorth managed to scrape a consolation try which unfortunately for them they didn’t convert. Moseley continued to work and tackle hard with Kate C, Amy P and Guinness scoring the remainder of the 4 tries ending the game 63 – 5.


Well done ladies good start back!!!


Comments made for improvement – rusty after Christmas, lots of silly mistakes – penalties and a bit quiet but very consistent, when supporting it’s a beautiful game!


Tries – Amy McGuiness (5), Amy Pugh (2), Kate Crowley (3), Emma Shield (1)

Conversions – Katie (pit-bull) Mahon (4)



Burton    0   V    56    MWRFC                                                   26th November 2006


Moseley Women surged into second place in the Midlands League 3 West on Sunday, ahead of Lichfield on points difference, with a win over a struggling Burton side.  To the great disappointment of Moseley the game was played as a 10-a-side match with unopposed scrums as Burton could muster only 9 players with Moseley generously adding the 10th.


Despite being deprived of the major advantage of their powerful scrummage, try time began early for Moseley with the first of a brace of tries from the impressive centre Kate Crowley after some swift handling from the Burton 10 metre line.  Then the onslaught began in earnest with a try from second row Louisa Nolan, as gazelle like as she is ruthless, starting the attack by taking the ball into contact deep in her own half and finishing it 60 metres later after collecting a neatly popped pass on the Burton line from hooker Laura Majoram, who worked hard in the loose all afternoon. 


Two more tries followed from Emma Shields at wing on the end of some speedy distribution though the centres, allowing her to show her undoubted pace by leaving the Burton defence with little idea where she appeared from, but a good view of the back of her shirt.  The 5th and 6th tries came, once again, from Kate Crowley and Emma Shields before the final try of the first half (yes were still only in the first half) fell deservedly to Amy McGuinness who played a cracking game at standoff and having passed selflessly all half took the opportunity to show her pace by running in on the stroke of half time.  Katie Mahon added the only conversion of the half, despite a few close calls and one off the woodwork, to bring the first half to a close, Burton 0 - Moseley 39.


The second half started as the first finished with a try for Amy McGuinness following a 50 metre sprint to the posts.  A second conversion from Katie Mahon took the score on to 0 – 46.  More was to come as scrum half Kirstie Ashworth picked and ran from the base of a Moseley scrum on the halfway line to take advantage of a deserted blindside.  Great vision and awareness from Kirstie.  The tenth (you heard me right) and final try saw the Moseley tight head Katie Mahon show some previously unseen twinkle toes on the right wing, leaving the Burton scrumhalf literally flat on her face. 


The try fest would surely have continued but for a potentially serious neck injury to Amy McGuinness, received at the bottom of a ruck and aggravating the effect of an earlier high tackle, which heralded the arrival of an ambulance.  Despite Amy’s pleas to be carried to the sideline so the game could continue the referee wisely ended the game a few minutes early.  Thankfully a trip to A&E showed no serious harm was done.


Despite the score line Burton never gave up and came close to scoring on several occasions, being halted on one occasion only by a fabulous try saving tackle from second row Amy Pugh.  However, Moseley’s ability in all positions was too much for Burton.  Liz Dziergas displayed fearless commitment in the final quarter with some thumping tackling, and it says a great deal for the selfless commitment of every member of the team that Moseley’s thoroughly deserved player of the match, loosehead Victoria Clifford, who worked hard all day and played an excellent game in the loose didn’t make it onto the score sheet. 


Particular praise must go to the 3 members of the Moseley team, Emily Cottam, Deb Wynn and Jane Hubble, who played at various times for Burton and without whom the game would not have been a league contest, denying Moseley the points and points difference.


A final thank you goes, as ever, to Moseley main sponsor

Robert Ward Gittins Communications, whose support is a crucial part of

Mosley’s current success.


Andrew Minnis

MWRFC    22   v   0   Sutton                                                      19th November 2006
Unfortunately our ref did not turn up for the match yesterday.
A big thank you to Sutton who agreed to play a shortened friendly match and replay this match after Christmas after the Ref did not turn up. Nigel Stelling stepped in and offered advice as well as informally refereeing our friendly.
Laura donned a green top  for Sutton at no. 10 until about 10 minutes in when their player turned up late. Then after a later injury to one of the Sutton girls, Lou stepped in as flanker.
Scrummaging and line outs went well but overall there were some dropped balls giving away unnecessary opportunities to Sutton.
Pitbull's (Katie) kicking is coming along with 1 out of 3 successful conversions.
Our biggest loss was Louga who was hoping to play her final match next Sunday but had to be carried off with a knee injury. Very frustrating for her and our loss at number 10.This may mean she is out for the rest of the season (lets hope not as she is planning retirement and we cannot let her go off on one leg!).
All to play for away against Burton next week.

Jane Hubble


Loughborough Students    60  v   0   Moseley                          29th October 2006


Well you win some you lose some, but Moseley women are defiantly getting better.  This weekend saw Moseley women play away to Loughborough students, who this season have yet to lose a match.  Despite players pulling out last minute due to injuries and work commitments, Moseley were able to put together a side. 


The first half saw Moseley playing with the sun to their backs thanks to winning the toss for the first time this season.  Their luck however didn’t last long as Loughborough got the ball out to their backs, who ran in under the posts within the first 10 minutes, which was promptly converted.  The Moseley forwards put in a good display and, with Loughborough’s inability to stay on side soon found themselves down in the Loughborough 22.  


Despite spending an agonising ten minutes and having 2 scrums 5 metres from the line Moseley were able to capitalise and soon Loughborough had again got the ball out to their backs who were proving far to quick for our backs and despite some good attempts, by Wendy Helen and Lippy, Loughborough crossed again but failed to convert.  The first half continued in a similar vain with Moseley working back into the opposition half, only to get turned over, and Loughborough running in another try. The first half finished 24-0.   


The second half started no better with Moseley conceding another two tries in quick succession as the defensive line had began to bunch and as in the first half first tackles were being regularly missed.  After this lapse the team got it back together and for a brief while looked threatening, however the difference in fitness showed through, and again Loughborough’s backs ran through more tries. The match finished 60-0.  Not bad considering that Loughborough train at least twice a week and play in BUSA league mid week. 


There were improvements in forward play most notably in rucking and mauling however fitness seemed to be the biggest let down.  As usual the set pieces were working well though both did drop towards the end.  Still, keep up the hard work at training all - two weeks till the next match, plenty of time to improve! 



Moseley   72   v    7    Earlsdon(friendly – non league)              15th October 2006


After a disappointing loss, Moseley ladies were back on a high this week after defeating Earlsdon with an outstanding score of 72-7 !!


Despite having to lend Earlsdon a few players due to a shortage of numbers the game resulted in being a friendly, this gave Moseley the opportunity of putting some of their hard earned skills into practice, with the support of Nigel Stelling (coach) the women showed ample amounts of structure and discipline.


The first of many tries came from a well-played line out by Amy Pugh who cleanly caught the ball and passed it out nicely giving Liz Plummer the chance to run it up, slipping the ball to Amy McGuiness who squeezed through Earlsdon defence to place it under the post. Liz Plummer took the first conversion.


After a few mistakes by Moseley they soon gathered their thoughts and defended their line well.  A good clearance from Liz Pugh covered some good ground for Moseley.


With having uncontested scrums Moseley had the chance to allow their back to shine and also Amy Pugh the opportunity to sneak past Earlsdon on their blind side to score the second try, which Kate ‘Pit-Bull’ Mahon was unable to convert.


Earlsdon found it difficult to keep up with the speed of Moseley, the backs took full advantage of this and it wasn’t long before a 3rd try was scored by Emma Shields who dodged past 3 Earlsdon players and placed the ball just over the line.  Moseley put some of their knowledge and skills into practice by keeping their lines and tackling hard.  On occasions Earlsdon managed to slip past Moseley who were saved again by quick tackles from Wendy Hooker.


Shortly before the end of the first 3rd of the game, Moseley’s lineouts proved successful allowing Amy McGuiness to score the fourth try.  Good hands and quick passing from Sarah Robinson, Liz Plummer and Kirstie Ashworth gave Amy McGuiness a hat trick and the 5th try ending the 3rd 29 – 0


The 2nd third of the game got off to a flying start with Moseley winning the scrum and forwards working hard to keep possession created an excellent chance for Kate Crowley to score, she battled her way through Earlsdon's defence to score a welcomed 6th try, converted by Liz Plummer.


With many players swapping sides and stepping up to help Earlsdon with numbers it did not hinder the balance of Moseley as they continued to dominate the match by scoring a further 2 tries and one conversion.  Earlsdon kept battling away, pushing hard and eventually broke Moseley’s defence to score their first try which they converted.


As fatigue started to set in players concentration started to slip from both sides, a few dropped catches and players running into touch, never the less Moseley continued to score, both sides stepped up a gear heading into the final 3rd of the game with both sides defending well.


Earlsdon failed to score any more tries due to Moseley holding them off the line, a miss throw from Earlsdon gave Moseley the chance to seize the moment and create the opportunity to score their final and 12th try of the game!


Ending the score 72 – 7.


Well-done ladies keep up the good work… practice makes perfect!!


Carrie Lewis 


Tries: McGuiness (8) Amy Pugh (1) Kate Crowley (1) Sarah Robinson (1) Emma Shields (1). Conversions – Liz Plummer (6)

The next match is on Sunday  29th October against  Louth Students

New Players Welcome!

Training for new ladies is on Thursday between 7-9pm at Billesley on the minis pitch throughout the summer (adjacent to the 1st XV pitch). All fitness levels and shapes and sizes welcome.

Eccleshall    22     v    19    Moseley                                               1st October 2006

For those that watched last week's match this result will come as a disappointment. That being said, Moseley women have come a long way from this time last year.

An early mistake following the kick off saw Eccleshall gifted a try from the kick off, which they failed to convert. The Moseley women were quick to answer spending most of the first half in the opposition half of the pitch.

Through several unforced errors in handling, Moseley failed to make advantage of their position, when the team got some of their rhythm back, they saw efforts rewarded with Amy McGuinness touching down after a well worked play.

Both of our set pieces struggled to live up to their usual good form, the pack seem to be unable to cope with the lack of a back row and the ability of the Eccleshall pack. The line out saw several crooked balls delivered by both hookers. In Liz’s defence it is only her second game and she has time to improve.

An early substitution saw Jane come off the pitch and Kate come on in the backs to replace Ayo who had moved to prop. Amy McGuinness scored Moseley’s second after another well worked set of play, which again was converted by our newly returned stand off Luger.

The second half saw several more errors by Moseley in terms of handling and securing the ball, but again the girls kept at the opposition, being held up on the line on two occasions. Although the tackling by Moseley was of a good standard, a couple of missed tackles led to a break away try to Eccleshall, which they managed to convert.

This was nearly the case again, but some last-ditch tackles by both Kate and Wendy averted disaster. Moseley came close to yet another try through a well run pick and go by captain Amy Pugh, who ran a good thirty yards by herself but found herself unsupported 10 metres from the line.

Moseley's third try came from a hard fought piece, which saw Victoria Clifford (Frag) touching down, have made good strong runs, and tackles during the entire match. Luger was unable to convert. Eccleshall replied with a well worked try of their own, which they failed to convert. Moseley’s fight back was hard and dogged but to no avail, with a lost scrum Eccleshall kicked the ball into touch ending the match.

The match was highly entertaining. I can only reiterate Helen's point from last week, about tiding up the errors and penalties given away, as strong opponents will capitalise on these far more than Eccleshall did, so an improvement by all please, before Earlsdon in two weeks time.

The next match is on Sunday 15th October v Earlsdon.

Kick off 2.30pm at Billesley. Support welcomed!

New Players Welcome!

Training for new ladies is on Thursday between 7-9pm at Billesley on the minis pitch throughout the summer (adjacent to the 1st XV pitch). All fitness levels and shapes and sizes welcome.

Season Opener
Moseley   51   v    0    Tewksbury                                           24th September 2006

The Moseley Women have started the season the way they mean to go on, with a 51-0 thrashing of newcomers Tewksbury. Tewksbury, who were relegated from Midlands 2 at the end of last season, did not provide much opposition for the Moseley outfit who scored 9 tries and 3 conversions through the boot of tight head prop Katie "Pitbull" Mahon.

The ladies have been transformed over the summer by the continued coaching of Derek Nutt and Nigel Stelling. They have been working on fitness, handling and game awareness since July and the hard work showed on the day. Although there was still evidence of the white line fever on some occasions, which lead to turnovers and penalties, the weaker Tewksbury side were unable to exploit this advantage..

The Forwards recycled the ball well, particularly in the maul, back row players Lou Nolan, Kirstie Ashworth and Amy Pugh working doggedly all game to provide quick ball for the backs. The scrummage was excellent each of the 2 new hookers, Steph Warner and Liz Dziergas, who played a half each took 4 balls against the head. Kate Crowley who came in into the 2nd row at half time also made a big impact in the pack and in open play scoring 2 tries. the second of these was an excellent piece of play which began with loosehead Jane Hubble producing a deft offload to front row colleague pitbull. Kate's close support of the props allowed her to take a pop and power through 2 yellow shirts to score under the posts.

The Backs also showed great improvements with some great passing and support play. Thanks to the strong scrum they were given numerous chances to attack and put the skills they have learned in training into practice. Quick hands were the key to try scoring success. Ayo Bakare a new addition to the back line (having previously played prop!) showed excellent vision, strength and individual skill running in a hat trick in the first half. Amy McGuiness her centre partner showed grit and determination in the contact adding a score of her own in the 2nd half and switching to standoff when needed. The backs lead by Lorna Tibbatts at fly half were quick to react when play switched from defence to attack and the back 3, including new winger Emily Cottam, were excellent under the high ball.

It was better fitness and support play that won the day and the Ladies showed great enthusiasm and good humour throughout the match. There were many good points and improvements to take from the game - handling, contact skills, support play to name a few - but later in the season tougher opponents, such as Lichfield and Loughborough students, will not be slow to exploit any opportunities they are given to turnover and counter attack. There is still plenty of hard work to do in training for our ladies.

Tries - Bakare (3) Crowley (2) Hooker (1) Robinson(1) Mcgowan(1) McGuiness (1) Conversions - Mahon (3)

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