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Photos and reports from games will appear here - contributions from supporters and players welcomed. Photos below from recent games

RFUW NC Midlands 2 West  - Final Table

Team P W D L F A Diff B Pts Pts
Moseley Ladies 16 16 0 0 840 27 813 13 61
Eccleshall Ladies 16 8 0 8 232 318 -86 6 38
Sutton Coldfield Ladies 16 9 0 7 194 328 -134 4 36
Tewkesbury Ladies 16 5 0 11 259 479 -220 8 35
Bridgnorth Ladies 14 7 0 7 177 143 34 6 32
Cleobury Mortimer Ladies 13 6 0 7 237 283 -46 6 31
Shrewsbury Ladies 14 5 0 9 219 442 -223 6 30
Worcester Ladies II 13 7 0 6 269 252 17 3 27
Greyhound Ladies 14 3 0 11 125 280 -155 1 16

2007/08 Season Reports

Tewkesbury 0 Moseley 59 - April 27 2008

Well what a fantastic finish to the best season Moseley Women's team have ever had!

The coach journey down was fairly pleasant and the look on a couple of the oppositions face was priceless as 22 girls 4 coaches and more supporters than ever before got off the coach. Unfortunately the regulations for the league only allow 20 players in a team so a big thanks to Jo Woffinden and Laura Knott who both opted to support instead of play.

The match was played as 12 a side with contested scrums for the first time this half of the season. Tewkesbury won the toss and decided to kick off; the ball was well gathered by Kirstie Ashworth starting at out side centre. After a couple of good carries and breaks the ball was lost forward in the contact by some strong tackling by Tewkesbury. Their number 8 at one point lifting prop Katie Pit-bull Mahon clean of the ground.

The resulting scrum saw Tewkesbury break the Moseley defensive line and their No.8 go steaming toward the try line only to be forced into touch by Moseley No. 8 Amy Pugh. Moseley won the resulting line out and strong runs and breaks lead to Amy McGuiness being put in to space and easily outpace the opposition winger to score to the right of the post. Fly half Liz Plummer’s conversion attempt going wide.

Moseley again struggled to gain the usual dominance they have shown in previous matches, due to the strong tackling of Tewkesbury. When Tewkesbury did gain possession they relied heavily on their No.8 and when she was wrapped up by the defence, they showed very little attacking threat. Moseley ground their way forward and were awarded a couple of penalties which saw them enter the Tewkesbury 22. From here it was no problem for Lock Lorna Tibbatts to charge across the line, Liz adding the conversion.

Moseley gained more moment towards the end of the second half and good hands and a strong break by Amy McGuiness saw Emily Williams put into space. Emily was brought down just short but good support play saw the ball retained and driven forward. From the resulting ruck the ball was passed to Kirstie who showed great vision to open up a half gap and score. Again Liz finding her mark and adding 2 points.

The last try of the half came from a magnificent break by Emily Williams who flew down the wing and passed out of the tackle to fellow winger Wendy hooker who scored to the right of the posts, Liz falling just short on the conversion. Moseley kept the moment and good grafting by lock Adrianne Fall saw Moseley remain within in the Tewkesbury half. At Half time the score was Tewkesbury 0 Moseley 24.

The second half saw Moseley make use of its massive bench, with Jane Hubble, Adrianne Fall, Amy Pugh, Liz Plummer, and Wendy going off. To be replace by Hannah Brown, Victoria Frag Clifford, Becky Smith, Liz Webb, and Candice Pugh. Despite the changes Moseley were soon able to regain the ball following kick off and hard work by a saw a rolling maul power across the Tewkesbury line and Kirstie score, Pit-bull missing the kick.

Moseley again struggled to maintain momentum and the usually solid scrum did wheel and go backwards on a number of occasions. Despite this hard graft by Lorna, and Frag gave quick ball to scrum half Sarah Robinson. This gave the backs chance to swing the ball wide, and Candice Pugh was able to storm up the left wing and score. This time Sarah Robinson drop kick lacked the legs to add two points. At this point Lorna was replaced by Louise Nolan playing for the last time in Moseley colours.

Despite a scrappy patch of play and Moseley being kept in their own half by a couple of knock ons or the occasional interception. The girls never gave up and some good 'steals' by Becky Smith soon restored some composer to the side. The backs again linked well and Candice Pugh was able to get on the end of a move by centres Amy and Kirstie and go through the middle and score. Pit bull missed the kick and was then substituted for Caroline

With addition of a fresh pair of legs the Moseley scrum was able to stand its ground. Using this as a platform the backs were able to link well and pick a hole in the Tewkesbury defence. Liz Webb running in the 7th Moseley try, again Sarah was unable to add the two points. The final substitution saw Helen Boyle replace Emily Williams, with Louisa moving to No. 8 and Becky to the wing.

Moseley again found them selves pegged in their own half and only some amazing rucking and a real charging ‘carry’ by prop Hannah Brown was able to get them free. Again hard work by all allowed Becky Smith to get on the score sheet following another good series of hands by all. Moseley now seemed to find their stride as Candice completed a hat trick following more great handling. Becky Smith also scored again showing a great turn of pace to slip two defenders and score.

Play then stopped for a while on the Tewkesbury 22 as one of their girls was treated having come off worse trying to tackle one of the Moseley girls. When play restarted Moseley didn’t miss the chance and Kirstie completed her hat trick with another fantastic showing of vision.

(Now most will realise that this brings the score to 64-0 however nobody noticed the mistake on the paper work until after the ref had left). Play continued until Moseley lost the ball into touch.

Final score Tewkesbury 0 Moseley 59(64).

The forward-of-the-match award, thanks to some really good hands and one particularly spectacular carry, Hannah Brown. The back-of-the-match, Kirstie Ashworth, having played her best game of the season and showed great vision in scoring and setting up tries. So Moseley Women are now the undefeated champions of National Championship 2 West Midlands, having played 16, won 16, scored 845, and conceded only 27.


Moseley 61 Cleobury Mortimer 5


The Moseley ladies final home match was expected to be their toughest match in the second half of the season - the girls won the away fixture by only 24 points. Thanks to a very impressive defensive display by the opposition.

This time however Cleobury had only 12 players and had opted to go uncontested in the scrum. Cleobury kicked off and the ball was caught well by Adrienne Fall, Moseley then proceeded to play the ball through hands with some nice hands off and loops however the girls were trying to play the game at too high a tempo and a pass went just forward of Kate Crowley who looked certain to score.

With uncontested scrums there was no chance for Moseley to regain possession but good tackling and lots of pressure saw Cleobury forced to kick, the ball failed to find touch and was gathered by Emily Webb. Again Moseley played the phases and passed well but missed an over lap as Kate Crowley missed Candice on her shoulder and instead took the ball in to contact 10 meters out from the try line. From here the forwards drove the ball on and Lorna Tibbatts was able to stretch and score, Sarah Robinson unable to add the two points.

Moseley claiming the ball from the restart again trying to play the game at high tempo to get out of their own half, however the ball was dropped backwards and rather than diving on it Katie `pit-bull' Mahon made a desperate kick at it only for a Cleobury winger to pick the ball up and run round Moseley's bunched defensive line and score, their fly half also missing the conversion.

Cleobury, taking the restart well, spent a long time in Moseley's half. Hard work by the forwards put Moseley back in possession and Amy McGuiness put her body on the line to go storming up the middle. I think the Cleobury girls will still be feeling those impacts even now!

The net result of this brought Moseley another try when quick ball from the resulting ruck saw stand off Kirstie Ashworth put Kate Crowley away to score Moseley's second, "Pit-bull" going short on the kick.

Another good take at the restart by Adrienne saw Moseley going driving back up the field again, a further series of loops and good support work by the forwards saw Amy McGuiness rewarded with a try Pit-bull again missing the kick. Moseley again had to work hard from the restart with several near breaks by Kate, both Amy's, and Candice all being held up by Cleobury's strong defensive play. Kate was finally able to slip through a couple of tackles and score under the posts Sarah Robinson's drop kick conversion adding two points.

Moseley were again made to work hard with ball changing hands though knock ons and kicks or loose passes into touch. Despite the change in hooker from last week Moseley were as ever dominant in the lineout, this as always provided a strong platform for our backs to run off but again Moseley struggled to compete with a streetwise Cleobury. Fortunately the ref caught them diving over on two occasions, and quick taps saw Cleobury give away another penalty resulting in pit-bull crossing to score, but again her kick failed to reach its target.

At this point substitutions were made with Adrienne and Pit-bull both coming off to be replaced by Jane Hubble and Helen Boyle. Both new comers were easily able to slot into the side and keep up with the fantastic pace of the game. The final try came from some nice hands in the backs. Liz Plummer came on for Amy McGuiness and put Candice Pugh in a in great position to slip two defenders and score, Sarah pushing the conversion wide. Half time score Moseley 32 Cleobury Mortimer 5.

The second half started at just as good a pace as the first with Moseley regaining the ball from the kick with some great pressure from the forwards resulting in a Cleobury kick being gathered by Candice who kept her head and stayed on her feet till support arrived. Moseley again played the phases and seeing a gap Kirstie Ashworth dived over the line and a Cleobury player to score a try at a somewhat uncomfortable looking angle, Sarah pulling short on the kick.

Moseley’s next two tries came from some impressive breaks by Kate Crowley who linked well with Kirstie, Amy Pugh and Liz to slice open the Cleobury defence. Sarah went wide with the first kick and Liz Plummer failed to find her range with the second.

Further substitutions in the second half saw Amy McGuiness return to the field on the wing replacing Candice and the welcome return of Caroline who replaced Hannah Brown as prop (Hannah having worked like a trooper throughout her time on the field and is a very welcome addition to the side this season).

Cleobury were on the offensive again and looked to have broken the Moseley defence with ease, but Amy Pugh who had been covering well all match, forced a missed pass which went in to touch.

Moseley scored again when Kate having made yet another a storming break was brought down in the Cleobury 22. Captain Amy Pugh quickly picked up from the base of the ruck and dived for the line closely supported by Kirstie, who had a hand in grounding the ball. Both girls deciding that as Kirstie had already scored one try this one should go to Amy, the conversion was added by Liz.

Cleobury never gave up and forced Moseley to knock on, or managed to isolate and turn players. Moseley defence was tested and the Cleobury fly half, showing a great turn of pace, looked to have broken away down the wing only to be put into touch by a good hit from Liz.

The last try of the game came from Amy McGuiness who showed great strength to go tearing up the middle to score, Liz again adding two points. Play continued from the restart till a great tackle by Cleobury caused Kate to spill the ball forward and the match to end - final score Moseley 61 Cleobury Mortimer 5.

Moseley were given plenty of praise by the Cleobury coach after the match, and I think that this was certainly the sort of game Moseley need if they are to go on and do well next year against stronger opposition in the league above.

Moseley players of the match Adrienne Fall in the forwards and Kate Crowley in the backs.


Shrewsbury 0 Moseley 79 - April 6th 2008


Despite waking to a couple of inches of snow in Birmingham, the ground at Shrewsbury was unfrozen, so the match was able to go ahead. The match stuck to the usual theme this season of being played with less than 15 (13 in this case 7 forwards 6 backs) and going uncontested at the scrummage. Moseley received the kick at the start but play was scrappy and the ball was turned over in the ruck. Despite this Moseley turned the ball over again from a knock on by Shrewsbury.


The play remained scrappy until a good series of hands saw Candice Pugh take a high pass and sprint clear to score on the left wing, Liz Plummer falling just short on the conversion. Shrewsbury were again on the assault with very aggressive rucking. Moseley at times looked to be losing the usual forwards dominance. Despite this with an excellent turn of pace Amy McGuinness was able to break through to score under the post, this time the woodwork denying the conversion. The third try for Moseley was identical to the first, Candice Pugh being put into space on the left wing to score under the posts. This time Liz slotted the conversion.

Hard graft by the forwards especially Jane Hubble, who on a number of occasions was smashing through the defence, gave centre Amy McGuinness chance to show her great running lines and turn of pace to score twice more. Liz making one kick, while going wide with the other. The forwards again struggled with the aggressive rucking of Shrewsbury, but when Moseley knocked on or got turned over due to bodies being on the wrong side of rucks, control of the ball was quickly regained by some great tackling, Candice and Amy McGuinness getting special mention here for some fantastic tackles in both halves. Moseley scored again following a period of scrappy play, as Victoria ‘Frag’ Clifford found herself in the open and she easily out-paced the defence to score. Liz again falling just short with the kick. The final try of the half came from an impressive run from Emily Williams who scored under the posts, Liz finding her range added the conversion half time score Moseley 41 Shrewsbury 0.

The second half opened with a second hat trick for Amy McGuinness whose form has gone from strength to strength of late. Her first two tries of this half coming from brilliant breaks. The third came from a well timed pass out of contact by Captain Amy Pugh to centre Liz Webb who had come on for Helen Boyle (who has just returned from an ankle surgery). Liz who needed three players to bring her down was able to pop the ball to Amy McGuinness who ran in the try. Liz was able to make all but one of the conversions. Despite several further attempts at breaks by Shrewsbury, Moseley were able to stop them and in the line out Captain Amy Pugh had a fantastic showing, winning every throw of the match Moseley only throwing themselves three times. Amy Pugh showing great strength taking two players into touch a one point.

The next try for Moseley came from Katie ‘pit-bull’ Mahon who, having worked hard all match, found herself in space as the game again became quite scrappy. Pit-bull did not look pleased at having to sprint but did well as she was nearly pulled up short by an impressive tackle, Liz making the kick. Moseley scored again when another pair of fresh legs was added in the form of hooker Moira Boot. This bolstered the forwards and allowed them to put Candice Pugh into space to complete a hat trick on her first full game. Liz again adding two points. The final try came from Liz Webb who despite being held up earlier was able to break clear of the defence and score. The woodwork again thwarting Liz’s conversion attempt. Full time score Moseley 79 Shrewsbury 0. Moseley players of the match Jane Hubble for the forwards, for her hard work and sheer determination, and Amy McGuinness for the backs, for her amazing tackling and even better breaks and running lines.



Worcester II -0 Moseley - 84 March 2nd 2008.


As the score would suggest this was a very convincing performance from Moseley. The away side were in charge from the kick off, utterly dominated the line out and were too powerful for Worcester in the loose. Moseley’s support play was excellent and this was a committed performance from a full squad of 18 as the substitutes who joined in the second half made a definite impact.

Victoria Clifford and Emily Williams were justifiably Moseley’s players of the match, but there was a long line of contenders queuing behind them for honours. The usual suspects performed well in the forwards. In particular, Adrianne Fall, Katie Mahon, Louisa Nolan and Liz Dziergas, were always looking for work and making ground. Liz Plummer had an excellent first half at outside half and the rest of the backs worked well together, in particular Becky and Emily. Promotion is looking increasingly likely for Moseley as their points difference passes 600 for the season, is 1000 out of the question? Full report

Moseley 66 Shrewsbury 10 January 28th 2008


After rearranging the fixture because Shrewsbury couldn’t find enough players, it was a real surprise to see them turn up with 18 players when the Moseley ladies could only field 16. Even more interesting was the size of the pack and the fact that in November they couldn’t play contested scrums and today they were still unable. The game started with Moseley receiving the kick going straight into touch. Moseley took the scrum infield but despite good handling by the backs and forwards the ball was lost forward in contact. Play continued to go backward and forward with Moseley getting the ball back by stalling Shrewsbury’s mauls and good steals by the back row. It seemed that Moseley were failing to click, until Moseley No. 8 Amy Pugh picked up from the base of a scrum side stepped the defence and ran half the pitch to score under the post, the conversion added by Liz Plummer.

Despite being first on the score sheet Moseley still didn’t find that spark although a flash of brilliance saw flanker Becky Smith burst through to score to the left of the post. Liz failed to convert. The restart didn’t go that well after the ball landed on Becky’s feet and went forward so the ref awarded a scrum inside the Moseley 22. Despite some hard work in defence Shrewsbury managed to cross the line in the corner, their fly half missing the kick. This galvanised Moseley and another good steal saw Moseley play the ball through the hands drawing the defence to give Emily room to run from the corner to touch under the post, Liz adding the conversion. The next try came from inside centre Kate Crowley who ran though to score under the post, Liz again adding the points. Moseley scored again this time the ball going through the hands till centre Amy McGuiness saw a gap and crossed the line, Liz adding the points just before the half time whistle.

The second half started as the first began with a well worked try by the Moseley back line, again Amy McGuiness adding the finishing touch with Liz adding the 2 points. Moseley’s next try came form Kate Crowley who ran though 6 defenders and then half the pitch uphill to score under the post, again Liz adding the conversion. Kate was then given a break and winger Liz Webb was given a chance to try her hand at centre while Candice Pugh came on to the wing. Not to be out done Amy McGuiness completed her hat trick in the same style as Kate with Liz Plummer keeping up the excellent kicking rate. Shrewsbury then managed to keep Moseley in their own half. Amy McGuiness taking a blow to the nose had to go off as a blood replacement Kate returning to the field. Unfortunately the Moseley defence couldn’t hold and the Shrewsbury fly half scored in the corner but was unable to convert.

Moseley then reclaimed the ball from the restart, but hooker Elizabeth Dziergas had to go off with injured ribs so a patched up Amy McGuiness had to go in the back row. Play restarted with a Shrewsbury scrum, but the ball that was won back by good Moseley defence and was passed to Wendy Hooker who ran 70 meters weaving through the defence only to put the ball down 5 meters short of the line, luckily centre Liz Webb was able to ruck over and No. 8 Amy Pugh picked up and placed the ball over the line, Liz was unable to make the kick. The final try came from Liz Webb who managed to side step her way through the opposition, Liz Plummer adding the conversion. The match finished with a kick from Shrewsbury into touch. Moseley player of the match Liz Plummer thanks to her 8 out of 10 conversions and her good distribution and organisation of the backs.
Final Score 66-10 to Moseley



Eccleshall 0 Moseley 15 - January 21st 2008

With weather conditions far worse than last week, it would be forgiven to think that today’s match would not have gone ahead. However, despite the opposition having to change venue, and then the grounds keepers having to remove the surface water from the pitch using black bins, the match did go ahead and it proved to be a close forward battle. Moseley kicked off and chased down well though they were able to steel possession only to knock on. This was the start of a running theme throughout the match, with conditions bad it was scrum after scrum. Again, Moseley were able to wrestle possession by forcing Eccleshall to knock on. With a brilliant burst of speed of the base of the scrum and then some beautiful running lines team captain Amy Pugh was able to get Moseley inside Eccleshall 22. Then determined work by forwards Frag, Ade and Lorna, scrum half Charlotte Houlder was able to cross the try line while being well supported by fly half Kristie Ashworth. Flanker Becky Smith missed the kick.

Moseley struggled to get out of their half following the restart with both sides losing and gaining passion through a series of turnovers and knock on’s. Moseley finally got out of their half after scrum half Charlotte was heavily stamped on by the opposition number 7 who saw yellow for her over active feet. Eccleshall had no subs and were soon reduced to 13 players as there scrum half went off injured. Despite the 2 man advantage Moseley could make little ground with the referees liking of the phrase ‘knock on’ and ‘poor hands’ by Moseley. It was only after some good rucking and several steals by the flankers Becky and Lorna that Moseley started to gain ground. Then a good pop pass from Amy Pugh to Frag saw the Moseley lock gain 15 meters closely supported by hooker Elizabeth Dziergas. More hard work by all the forwards saw Adriennne Fall cross the line, Becky going wide of the uprights. The end of the first half saw Eccleshall restored to 14 men but no change to the score line. Although Eccleshall did come close, due to a series of penalties and knock ons, a last ditch tackle by Becky saved the day.

The second half saw the injured scrum half return for Eccleshall, and very much of a similar style of game to the first half with lots of scrums. However it has to be said that Moseley seem to be have gained the upper hand and were taking scrums against the head as well as pushing Eccleshall back on a couple of occasions despite Eccleshall weight advantage. Eccleshall tried to make ground by kicking the ball deep however good hands and a level headiness by full back Wendy Hooker saw Moseley keep Eccleshall out. Moseley struggled with Ecclehall’s seven who is either new or has some incriminating photos of the referee as she was able to avoid binding in the scrum or being offside as well as some dubious off the ball antics. Despite all this Charlotte was able to boss the game well and with substitutions at fly half and lock Moseley were able to inject some more pace while maintaining good form thanks to Liz Plummer and Louisa Nolan’s experience.

Moseley finally managed to score again after hard work resulted in Moseley being awarded a penalty inside Eccleshall 22 which was well run by Lorna resulting in a rolling maul just short of the line with Charlotte crossing the line and Liz going wide of the post on the conversion. Eccleshall gained the advantaged in the final 15 minutes of the match, the result was that Moseley’s defence was surly tested and not found wanting. It took real character by both forwards and backs to keep their heads and not concede a try. Final changes saw Kristie’s return to the pitch as flanker for Lorna who in the captain’s opinion was the forward of the match, and Moira Boot replace Elizabeth as hooker. Eccleshall came close at one point but Moseley turned over the ball only to have the referee give the scrum to Eccleshall which infuriated Moseley coach Derek Nutt. Even with the changes to the pack Moseley were able to win three straight scrums and finish the game with a clean score sheet. The back and player of the match in my opinion has to be Charlotte who has never played scrum half before this, but did a fantastic job and should defiantly make the starting line up next week. Final Score 15-0
Ralph Wigley


Moseley  32 Bridgnorth 0 - January 13th 2008


A disappointing start for Moseley who were expecting to play a game with a full compliment of players, only to be let down by Bridgnorth's short numbers at the last minute. In the end we played 13 aside. At Bridgnorths request we agreed to play a 'double '. (The points won today will be carried over to the next scheduled match which has now been cancelled).

Weather conditions were poor with a fierce cross wind. From the outset Moseley found it difficult to maintain a good shape and gave away far to many penalties due to silly mistakes. Basic ball handling errors and a lot of forward passes meant Moseley lost the ball on several occasions and for the longest time in the season so far we found ourselves on the defensive. However several successful turnover balls and forced errrors enabled us to win the ball back and eventually score.

It’s worth mentioning Kirstie who worked hard all first half to find any gaps leaving the opposition confused as to whether she was a forward or back! Some just and hard words from the coach at half time and some fresh energy from the the likes of Becky and Charlie helped give some more shape to our game in the second period.

We went from ‘inappropriate’ ball handling in the wind to going into contact. The change in tactics paid off with the final score 32-0. This is no time for Moseley women to rest on their laurels. With the defeats of last season on the oppositions mind they will be out to beat us!

Moseley  96 – Tewkesbury 0 - December 2nd 2007


'They’ll be dancing in the streets of Moseley tonight’, as a certain former commentator may have said after this performance, although the rate at which Moseley women ran in tries might have made the job one for Murray Walker rather than Bill McClaren. Despite playing 14 as side at the request of Tewkesbury, and contending with a howling cross field wind, Moseley scored 18 tries and 3 conversions to win by 96 points to 0 against a Tewkesbury team who stuck at their task, but were simply unable to cope with the power and commitment of the home team. I have been watching Moseley women for 3 years and I firmly believe that this was the best performance I have seen to date – and it has had some competition this season. Although the conditions led to errors and fumbles at times, this was a demolition derby of power and control from a pack which was impressive as a unit in both loose and tight, linking well through a rampant back row to a backline which is now permeated by precision, pace and handling ability in every position.

Tewkesbury kicked off into the strong wind and Moseley conceded a scrum through a fumbled catch. However, the home team regained possession and territory to find themselves in a midfield maul on the Tewkesbury 22 meter line. The ball came back to Kate Crowley in the centre who ran in the first Moseley try after 5 minutes. Moseley again fumbled the kick off receipt, but normal service resumed as the ball was stolen back by flanker Louisa Nolan, whose support play, handling and tackling were outstanding in the first half. Having won the ball, Louisa passed neatly to Sarah Robinson who broke 30 meters up field before. Sarah returned the ball to Louisa in support, and Louisa linked in turn to No 8 Amy Pugh who scored the first of her four tries. Katie Mahon converted and the score was 12-0 Moseley after 10 minutes.

Following the restart, Emily Williams broke from the Moseley 10 metre line to the Tewkesbury 22 before the ball was lost to Tewkesbury. A scrappy series of rucks followed, but Moseley regained possession and Amy Pugh was in support wide on the left to take the ball over the line for a second unconverted try. 17 - 0 Moseley. Louisa Nolan was prominent again after the kick off, receiving the ball from Katie Mahon after a 10 meter break, and initiating a series of short driving rucks before she reappeared to harass Tewkesbury into conceding a scrum in their own 22 meter line. Amy Pugh picked and ran from the base of the scrum for her hat trick try. 22-0 Moseley.

Amy Pugh was back in action again in the build up to the next try following yet another big No 8 pick up, and a massive break up field from the restart. Excellent support from centres Amy McGuinness and Kate Crowley, along with Aid Fall, put standoff Kirstie Ashworth in for the first of her own hat trick of tries. Moseley 27, Tewkesbury 0. Pressure built again straight from the restart with a series of phases culminating in a 15 meter break from Kate Crowley on halfway. The ball was taken on by the back row before it was moved right to Amy McGuinness, who in turn linked to Emily Williams on the 22 meter line to put Emily in for her first try. Moseley 32 Tewkesbury 0. More of the same followed the restart. A powerful maul from Moseley with Victoria Clifford, as ever, in the thick of it, led to a 20 meter break from Heather Smith (deservedly Moseley’s forward of the match) and an off load to hooker Liz Dzergias who scored her first try for Moseley. Katie Mahon added the conversion, Moseley 39, Tewkesbury 0.

Amy Pugh’s fourth try came as Moseley stole the ball from Tewkesbury on their 22 meter line and Amy picked and ran from the base of a ruck to cross the line. Minutes later it was Victoria Clifford’s turn to score after some good work from Emily Williams and Amy McGuinness in support. Victoria was straight back in the action minutes later, leaping like an electrocuted salmon to catch and drive from the restart, her second clean take from a kick off in two weeks!!!!! Kate Crowley took the ball on making good ground again before Amy McGuinness touched down for her first try. The final try of the half came, once more, from Emily Williams as scrum half Sarah Robinson broke from a scrum on half way releasing Kirstie Ashworth and Amy McGuinness to take the ball on. Emily gathered from a ruck on the Tewkesbury 22 meter line to run in under the posts. Moseley 59 Tewkesbury 0 at half time.

Undeterred by a strengthening wind in the second half Moseley came close to scoring twice early in the half. A third attempt was narrowly missed as back row Lorna Tibbets, who had replaced Louisa Nolan at half time, managed to cross the line but couldn’t ground the ball. However, once again Kirstie Ashworth was on hand to take the points. Moseley’s next try, their 13th, clearly demonstrates their current strength. Tewkesbury kicked off and Sarah Robinson gathered. The ball was moved to Aid Fall, Amy Pugh and on to Kirstie Ashworth. A further 10 meters came with close driving support from the forwards with Aid, Amy Pugh, Lorna and Victoria working particularly hard. Tewkesbury cleared to touch but Amy Pugh won a clean line out at No 2 and Lorna broke 10 meters downfield, crossing the Tewkesbury 22 meter line. Kirstie Ashworth took the ball on from the ruck and passed to Amy McGuinness, who returned it to her running on a loop to score under the posts. A drop goal conversion from Sarah Robinson followed. This was a try which showed all Moseley's skill, strength, vision and ruthless execution. Moseley 71 Tewkesbury 0.

Two further tries followed, one from Liz Webb in the left hand corner following a break from Amy McGuinness, and a further try from Amy McGuinness herself after Sarah Robinson, who had an excellent game, stole the ball from the base of the Tewkesbury scrum. A brace of tries for Candice Pugh, one on each wing, moved the score on to 91 – 0, before the final try of the match confirmed the reason why Liz Webb was named as player of the match from the back line. Having made a fine try saving tackle on her own line, Liz chased Sarah Robinson’s clearance kick and gathered on half way before sprinting 50 meters to score her second and Moseley’s 18th of the match. Moseley 96 Tewkesbury 0.

At this point, as a responsible match reporter, I have paid close attention to Victoria Clifford’s request that I refrain from mentioning the fact that she dropped the ball over the Tewkesbury try line in the final minutes while in a certain scoring position which would have taken Moseley over the century. Consequently, I will make no reference to it. In any case, it would be grossly unfair to Victoria who had another tremendous game and thoroughly deserved her earlier try having given 110% throughout.

To say this was a fine Moseley performance is a massive understatement. The team displayed the full range of rugby skills from every player in every position, as demonstrated by the fact that their 18 tries were scored by 9 individuals. They had grasped the game by the scruff of the neck from the kick off, and their control was absolute right to the final whistle. This was not a victory but an invasion; a performance of nuclear proportions. While Liz Webb and Heather Smith thoroughly deserve the plaudit of players of the match, this was a team performance of which all those involved can be extremely proud.


Cleobury Mortimer 0 Moseley 24 - November 25th 2007


Moseley’s women faced their sternest test of the season on Sunday with a tough, forwards orientated, away fixture against Cleobury Mortimer, the current league leaders. Although a newly established team playing its first season, Cleobury clearly has some experienced players and with both teams turning up with a full squad this was always going to be a bruising encounter.

Moseley kicked off and a big hit from Louisa Nolan brought the ball back to the visitors. Moseley ran the ball wide from an early penalty but a first encounter with the aggressive Cleobury defence set the tone for much of the first half. Although Moseley spent virtually all the first period in the Cleobury half, much of it in the 22, a run away victory of the type which has seen a points difference move to over 300 was never likely.

Moseley initially appeared surprised by the staunch defence and, accustomed to breaking the gain line with relative ease and scoring freely, found themselves stopped in the centres by the Cleobury defence which, although it spent the entire afternoon on the cusp of the off-side rule deserves immense credit.

Unusually, Moseley lost some early rucks, surrendering possession unnecessarily (although Cleobury persistently offended at the breakdown all day). However, Cleobury were unable to clear their lines and on the quarter hour prop Katie Mahon finally broke through the Cleobury defence following a driving lineout and sprinted 30 meters, brushing off several of the opposition, to score the opening try 10 meters in from the right touchline. The conversion was missed but Moseley were off and running at 5-0.

A further 10 minutes of constant pressure from Moseley followed, as Cleobury conceded a series of penalties and struggled to contain the visitors. However, despite some excellent support play and picking and running from Heather, Victoria Clifford, Ade Fall and the ubiquitous Amy Pugh the line remained intact. It is fair to say that Moseley should have made more of their field position. They failed to take opportunities, notably by taking the ball blind at one point ignoring a massive openside overlap, and allowing Cleobury to knock them back too often in contact. A lower body position from the ball carrier and a little more awareness from the support would have made this period more fruitful in the face of tough defence.

However, the pressure from Moseley was immense and Cleobury were living dangerously on their 5m line while struggling to clear. Despite being in her first season of rugby, winger Emily demonstrated the same natural ability she had shown against Hereford Greyhounds and came close to scoring in the left corner but unfortunately grounded the ball with 2 movements. None-the-less, Moseley regained possession after the resulting Cleobury penalty and the pressure was finally rewarded with a try from Ade Fall to the right of the posts, almost inevitably from a driving maul. The conversion was missed leaving the score 10-0 Moseley at half time.

Moseley had all the pressure in the first half but should have made more of it. However, they never looked likely to concede and Cleobury's only real try scoring opportunity was thwarted by hooker Liz Dziergas with a fine try saving tackle. Unfortunately flanker Becky was forced to retire following a bad knock to the head early in the half, continuing a run of bad luck having been knocked out against Greyhounds in the previous match.

Moseley initially had less territorial dominance following the restart with much of the first 20 minutes of the second half being played between the 22 metre lines. This attritional phase saw a series of scrums and penalties awarded to both teams, particularly following a couple of high tackles on each side.

However, Moseley's backline began to engage, and Kirstie Ashworth, who had another excellent game at standoff, spun the ball left from a ruck on halfway and some excellent handling from the backline took the ball over the 22 meter line. Scrum half Sarah Robinson kicked cross field and Moseley regained possession in mid-field before spinning the ball wide right leading to the award of a penalty try to Moseley following a ruck on the 5 metre line. Cleobury had been repeatedly penalised for offences at the ruck and when they blatantly interfered with the ball on the ground the referee did not hesitate. Although this was not a direct scoring opportunity, and the penalty try may have been harsh, Cleobury had been warned repeatedly and some action was inevitable. Liz Plummer added the conversion and the score was 17-0 Mosley.

More action from the backline led to the final try of the match. Emily began the move by dodging a tackle on half way and spinning the ball wide left. Sarah Robinson showed great awareness to take the ball on to the Cleobury 5 metre line following a penalty to Moseley, and Emily was unlucky not to score when she was held up by stalwart defence in the in-goal area. A 5 metre scrum resulted and Amy McGuinness was finally able to break through, having been restrained by at least 2 tacklers for most of the day, and scored under the posts. Liz Plummer converted again and the score stood at 24-0 Moseley. The final moments were disrupted by a painful leg injury to Charlie Houlder, who was forced to retire early and prevented from further demonstrating her natural rugby skills.

Moseley can take a great deal of satisfaction from a determined team effort against the side most likely to compete for promotion this season. Kirstie Ashworth and Liz Dziergas were deservedly named player of the match for backs and forwards respectively. The display was all the more impressive given the quality of the opposition. In particular the forwards were dominant at set piece and loose play. A number of substitutions in the second half had no adverse impact on the cohesion and effectiveness of the pack, an indication of the strength in depth of this team.

In particular the back row of Louisa Nolan, Amy Pugh, Becky, began the game showing talent and commitment. It is a credit to their teamwork and training that when Heather and Victoria Clifford joined the back row, they were able to retain that direction and work rate seamlessly. The same was true of the front row. The back line had to manage with much less space than they are accustomed to, but adjusted well and began to make a greater impact as the second half progressed. Long periods of possession on the Cleobury try line should perhaps have led to some more points in the first half but this is a team that has shown itself able to deal with everything thrown at it this season.

The Moseley title campaign continues!


Hereford Greyhounds 0  Moseley WRFC 55 - November 4th 2007

Moseley women continued their rampaging start to the season, with a 55-0 win over recently-relegated Hereford Greyhounds. Despite being reduced to twelve players at the (belated) request of Hereford, and facing some dubious refereeing decisions, Moseley showed talent and commitment against a Hereford team that refused to give up and defended well throughout.

Hereford kicked off and following a couple of early rucks, Moseley moved the ball from their own lineout and, after slick handling from Amy McGuinness, Liz Webb and Kirstie Ashworth, number 8 Amy Pugh sprinted the remaining 20 metres for a try 10m in-field on the left wing. Katie Mahon added the conversion, to see the score at 7-0 to Moseley after 5 minutes. 10 minutes later, Hereford infringed on their own scrum just inside Moseley's half. Kirstie Ashworth took a quick tap, and gained a further 10m after Hereford failed to retreat 10. Another quick tap from Kirstie Ashworth, and a delightful, by now almost trademark, flat pass to Amy McGuinness on the Hereford 10m line saw McGuinness gallop 30m for the first of her 4 tries, in the right hand corner. The conversion was missed, and the score remained at 12-0.

A passage of play including some useful breaks by Amy McGuinness and Emily Williams, a new recruit on Moseley's right wing, was stopped short by the first of many high tackles which went unchecked by the referee. Moseley recycled the ball, and the move culminated in a beautiful side-step and sprint to the posts by Rebecca Smith, another new recruit. Katie Mahon's conversion took the score to 19-0 after 22 minutes.

And so it remained till half time. Moseley continued to retain the upper hand, and Greyhounds tackled hard to try to stay in the game. Some big hits, particularly from Victoria Clifford, and tidy handling saw Moseley repeatedly cross the gain line in fine style. However, 20m runs are nothing without the support, and with the back row reduced to the number 8 alone, Moseley were unable to capitalise on yards and possession. Amy Pugh, Victoria Clifford and Ade Fall worked hard to fill in the gaps in the back row, and both Emily Williams and Liz Dziergas put in enormous hits, but no further points were forth-coming before the break.

The second half started with a statement of intent from substitute second row Louisa Nolan, who frankly demolished Hereford's kick-off receiver. Moseley maintained pressure and were unlucky to be held up over the line after a number 8 pick-up from Amy Pugh, following a scrum stolen from Hereford on their own 5m line. A series of scrums on Hereford's 10m line led to a Moseley penalty on the 22 under the posts. A try was almost inevitable from the pressure, and Rebecca Smith duly obliged. No conversion, Moseley 24-0.

The flood gates began to open, with Moseley's better support play leading to improved ball retention and recycling. Moseley constantly broke through the mid-field, and were rampant for 20 minutes, until the show was unceremoniously stopped when the ref blew up 10 mins early. Amy McGuinness scored a converted try to take the score to 31-0 after 15 minutes of the second half. 20 minutes in, and some tight handling and well-supported breaks took Moseley from their own 22 to a third and unconverted try for McGuinness. 36-0 to Moseley. This was followed by some more solid support play, to put right wing Emily Williams in for a well-deserved try. The conversion was missed, but Moseley moved on to 41-0.

The high tackles took their toll minutes later when Rebecca Smith, who had been excellent in the centre all afternoon, was stopped on the Greyhounds try line by a dangerously high tackle. After she was substituted off in a daze, the penalty, bizarrely, went to Hereford. Smith had apparently failed to release the ball after near-decapitation. Moseley stole the ball in the resulting lineout, leading to Amy McGuinness' fourth try under the posts. The try was converted by Kirstie Ashworth. Moseley 48, Greyhounds 0. The final play of the game started with a break from Kirstie Ashworth, and ended with a try from Victoria Clifford, who had played well in the loose all match, under the posts and converted by Kirstie Ashworth. The final whistle blew at Moseley 55 Greyhounds 0.

All in all, it was a powerful performance, with the forwards dominating the scrums and lineouts, and tremendous work from all five of those who played in the front row against a big pack. The scrums are becoming a great strength of Moseley's play. All credit to Greyhounds who never gave up, and tackled hard all day, but never really looked likely to be in the running. Another strong performance from Moseley, whose points difference now approaches 300 after only 4 matches.



Moseley WRFC, 90 Worcester II, 7 - October 29th 2007

Last week Moseley women played hosts to table leaders Worcester 2nd XV which was to be the biggest match of the ladies season so far. Worcester could only manage fourteen players so it was agreed that both sides would play fourteen a side, Moseley fielding three new players due to both injuries and other commitments.

Moseley won the toss and kicked off, the ball finding touch straight away was brought back in for a scrum. Laura Marjoram took on the role of loose head prop for Jane Hubble out with a foot injury. Despite the change Moseley were the ever dominant force and the ball was quickly out, moving through the hands of the backs. Fly half Kirstie Ashworth, seeing a gap, charged across the line, tight head prop Katie Mahon going just wide on the conversion.

Moseley seemed a bit shaky at the next restart but soon regrouped and through good hands and good lines inside centre Kate Crowley crossed the line. This time the conversion was made by full back Liz Plummer.

Moseley had now found their stride and it wasn’t long before Kate Crowley again crossed the line, Katie Mahon coming up short on the conversion. Again following another dominant scrum and good work by the forwards second row Adrienne Fall, touch down from a maul. Liz Plummer added the two points from a difficult kick. The next score came from a storming run by flanker Amy Pugh who was pulled back short and away from any support. Moseley were lucky and retained possession for new girl Charlotte Houlder to cross the line, Katie again missing the conversion.

Kate Crowley was having a very impressive match and scored three more times before the end of the half with both kickers failing to find their mark. There were points when the forwards and backs went into contact one play to many, and twice three man overlaps were missed. Half Time score 44-0 to Moseley

The second half started with the substitution of fly half Kirstie for prop Hannah, this meant that flanker Becky Smith moved to full back and Liz Plummer moved to fly half with Laura Marjoram moving to second row and Victoria Clifford moving to flanker.

The second half saw the scrum going uncontested for the third week in a row, despite this the line functioned well with both jumpers Becky Smith and Amy Pugh taking their own ball cleanly thanks to good throws from hooker Liz Dziergas, and stealing several of Worcester’s. Moseley’s first score came from Charlotte Houlder following some beautiful hands by the backs, again Katie having an off day, missed the two points.

Head Coach Derek Nutt has been working with the backs and the fruits of his labour were certainly shown as both wingers Emily Williams and Liz Webb scored using a set play Derek had worked on. Katie’s lucky red boots were not working as she missed again but Liz Plummer did and added another two points. Kate Crowley got her sixth try of the match from some good lines. Winger Emily Williams showing good speed and strength scored her second try, Liz adding the extra points.

The final fifteen minutes saw Moira Boot come on for Adrienne Fall in the second row. Moseley scored yet again, utilizing Kate Crowley, following another good run. Moseley then seemed to struggle to cross getting held short of the line with both Amy Pugh and Becky Smith unable to make headway the ball was then in the hands of flanker Victoria Clifford who smashed across, Liz converting.

Moseley’s final score came from a nice run from scrum half Sarah Robinson off the back of a strong maul by Moseley. Katie again missed the conversion but did manage to hit one of the Worcester girls instead. The final play of the match saw a loose pass kicked down field by Worcester who ran it in under the posts with the fly half being successful with the conversion this time. Final score a fantastic 90-7 for Moseley.Well done ladies what a result!


Moseley WRFC  58 Sutton Coldfield 0 - October 14th 2007


After last weeks great start to the season Moseley women made it 2 wins from 2, however Sutton were in no mood to make this an easy match.  Scrum half Sarah Robinson got the match started after Sutton won the toss and decided to receive.  Moseley were able to gather the ball but looked a little on edge and lost possession  through a high tackle (same ref as last week folks).  Hard work lead to the ball back in the hands of Moseley and Amy McGuiness finished of a well worked team piece to score under the post. Liz Plummer aka Luger (returned from injury) playing on the wing added the conversion.  After last weeks storming run Pitbull decided to repeat the performance and this time scored, this time Lugar missed the conversion. More hard work by the forwards saw Pitbull cross the line again Lugar adding the conversion.  Moseley were made to work for every try and the forwards and backs were made to tackle hard and struggled at times to get clean ball, due to improvement in opposition. 


The match was not without incident with fly half Kirstie having to have her hand bandaged up after it was stood on during a breakdown.  This saw the return of club captain Moira Boot (who hasn’t played for 2 seasons) entering the back row and Rebecca Smith moving from flanker to the wing and Lugar returning to fly half. No sooner had Kirstie been patched up than full back Wendy was off after fracturing her jaw in a collision with one of the opposition.  Meanwhile Moseley added another try to their count with Frag off loading in the tackle to Amy Pugh who crashed over to score, Lugar adding 2 points.  After setting up the last try, Frag crossed the line after another good performance by forwards and backs alike.  At the whistle Sutton were so keen they tried to carry on with the ref and opposition.  Half time score Moseley 31 Sutton Coldfield 0. 


          The first half saw complete dominance by Moseley in the scrum unfortunately Sutton opted for uncontested scrums in the second half.  Our line out functioned well again with both jumpers and hooker MFI doing a great job.  Despite a bandaged hand Kirstie took her chance and crossed the line.  Moseley worked hard and tackled and rucked well, and despite their best efforts Sutton couldn’t get past the Moseley defence.  The next try came as Moseley shipped the ball out wide and Lugar marked her return to the side with a try in the corner with the posts denying here the extra points.  Amy McGuiness added the 8th try with a good break and foot race Lugar adding the conversion. 


           The final few minutes saw Sutton started to drop like flies and Frag having a storming match crossed the line again after a nice of load by Amy. Sutton decided that Frag was Moseley’s player of the match (Moseley choose Pitbull as there own player of the match).   Lugar going just wide of the posts.  The final try came from Kirstie crossing again with Lugar again just missing.  Full time Score 58-0 Moseley.  Special mentions to Liz Williams who played her first match for Moseley and had a good game. Also Rebecca Smith showing good skills at flanker, wing, and full back.  And Jane Hubble who while always a dominate present in the set piece is starting to show up more and more in the loose.  With a weeks rest Moseley women will hopefully be fully rested and fit for the big match against Worcester 2nds at home on the 28th. 


Moseley WRFC  86 Eccleshall 5 - October 7th 2007


It’s been a late start to the season with a bye and then the first match of the season against Bridgnorth cancelled. Some may think that the women may have been rusty but from the score line that was clearly not the case. 


Moseley won the toss and started off with a short kick.  With good work the ball was quickly back in the hands of the forwards and through a good series of drives the ball was touched down near the posts by the pack through Frag (who had only been back in the UK since 5 am). Conversion was made by Pitbull.


The restart saw a good series of hands through the forwards and backs and resulted with fullback Wendy Hooker running a try from the corner to under the post, which was again converted by Katie Pitbull Mahon. 


High tackles and some handling saw Eccleshall regain the ball, but hard work through the back row, especially by new girl Heather (who ran all over the pitch for every breakdown), saw Moseley regaining the ball. 


The next score came from a good break from last years top try scorer Amy McGuinness, who ran 20 meters to score, again converted by Pitbull.  Further work saw a break by centre Kate Crowley who scored in the corner, this time Pitbull failed to convert.


More work by the forwards and good off loads by the captain Amy, as well as twinkle toed running by Ade led to further breaks and scores by Amy McGuinness and Kate Crowley both converted by Pitbull.  Despite a few bad passes, scrum half Sarah Robinson got herself on the score board following a good series of hands and offloads from the forwards and backs.


The forwards had a fantastic first half with some vastly improved rucking and mauling, though there was still the odd side was run by a few forwards and backs a like. The line out functioned well with Becky Smith jumping at 2 and Amy Pugh jumping at 4.  Although we did lose the occasional ball, we also managed to steal our fair share as well. 


Unfortunately,  Eccleshall had a prop that was inexperienced and therefore the scrum went uncontested much to the dismay of the front row especially Jane Hubble who had her best half of rugby yet culminating in a fantastic set towards half time.  Amy McGuinness scored twice more before the end of the half giving a half time score: 50-0.


The second half saw the first start for Hannah at prop. With such a good first half Moseley did take their foot off the pedal a bit and the scores did not come as fast for Moseley. A hard drive from the forwards resulted with Captain Amy crossing the line and Becky scoring a try.  Kirstie at fly half kept the backs ticking over with some good offloads and breaks herself but Moseley’s good field position was lost through squandered possession and a lot of high tackles.  Eccleshall’s No.12 tried to drop kick one resultant penalty which went wide but continued to push Moseley back by good kicking out of hand. 


During the first half Eccleshall had not look likely to score despite some good handling themselves, however Moseley had started to bunch around the breakdown and leaving a large gap, Eccleshall did not miss the opportunity and scored in the corner despite a flying last ditch tackle by Wendy.


This galvanised Moseley and they quickly struck back started by a storming run by Pitbull who ran to within 5 meters of the line.  The ball was quickly picked up by MFI, passed out to Kate, who crossed the line to score, this time Becky made the conversion. The next Moseley score came from Wendy who, following a beautiful side step scored under the posts Pitbull adding the 2 points.  This was followed by the Captain side stepping herself and nearly scoring after another good run only to be pulled back just short, but the rest of the forwards were on hand and Frag got her second try of the day, Pitbull adding another 2 points. 


The final few minutes saw Louisa Nolan at 7 bravely charge down an Eccleshall kick, this was followed by Becky scoring the final try of the match Pitbull failing to add the final 2 points. At the final whistle Mosley 86, Eccleshall 5. 

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