M.S.A. Player Of The Season 

Golden Boot presentation


Ally Muldowney was presented with the Lionel Moriaty Golden boot in May 2010. Brian Skeeles made the presentation, in the presence of Deborah Moriaty, Lionel's widow,  after the final game of the season at Billesley.


The Moseley Supporters' Player of the Season award was established at the end of the 1986/87 season by the then newly formed Members' Committee, which later became the Moseley Supporters' Association (MSA).

The trophy associated with the award was named The Winit (Golden) Boot, which was made and donated for the purpose by the Winit Boot Company of Netherton, Dudley, through the offices of their sales director, 'Taff' Hughes, a former Moseley player and now a member of the Moseley Players' Association committee.



The Winit company was in business for 125 years and was founded by the father of the late John Little. John became a boot maker by trade and later became managing director of the company, and was captain of Moseley in 1957/58.

N Mason Golden Boot
Winit made boots for both rugby and association football, for cricket and for various other sports. Warwickshire and England bowler and cricket captain Bob Willis wore Winit boots, as did the great Moseley and England full back Sam Doble.

Sam wore size 13 Winit boots throughout his career, although there is said to have been a notable exception to that rule when Sam's Winit boots were mislaid and, despite an appeal going out, no size 13 boots could be found for him. The story goes that he kicked all of the points in the match wearing a pair of Hush Puppies!


The winners of the Golden Boot have been:

Sam Masters 1986/87, 

Simon Robson 1987/88 & 1989/90,

Peter Shillingford 1988/89, 

Neil Martin 1990/91,

Bruce Fenley 1991/92,

Mark Linnett 1992/93,

Dean Ball 1993/94,

Errol Anderson 1994/5,

Alistair Kerr 1995/6,

Darragh O'Mahony 1996/97,

Neil Mitchell 1997/98,

Peter Buxton 1998/99 & 1999/2000,

Andy Hall 2000/01,

Richard Stott 2001/02,

Geoff Gregory 2002/03,

James Aston 2003/04, 

Oliver Thomas 2004/05,

Neil Mason 2005/06,

Andy Binns 2006/07,

Neil Mason 2007/08,

James Rodwell 2008/09,

Ally Muldowney 2009/10,

Chevvy Pennycook 2010/11,

Adam Caves 2011/12,

Buster Lawrence 2012/13,

Matt Williams 2013/14,
Chris Brightwell 2014/15,
Kyle Evans 2015/16,
Ed Sheldon 2016/17,
Ciaran Moore 2017/18.

Lionel Moriaty was instrumental in organising the vote for the award and the presentation for many years. Lionel was one of the founder members of the Members' Committee and of MSA and became both chairman and president of the latter. He was made an honorary life member of MSA for his work for the organisation and, in recognition of all of the work he did for Moseley, he was made an honorary life member of the club in 1983 and a vice president in 2003.

Lionel sadly passed away in March 2005 and the Golden Boot has since been renamed the Lionel Moriaty Memorial Boot as a tribute to him from the Moseley supporters.

Until 2006 the voting for the award was always carried out through the use of conventional ballot papers. But for the 2005/06 season for the first time the vote was available principally by the use of the internet and e-mail.

Details of the ballot are published on both the main Moseley club website and on the Moseleyfan website and through Moseley Matters. Supporters without access to these media are able to cast their votes by post. A good number of e-votes are received, numbers far exceeding the usual maximum received in conventional ballots in previous years.

Thanks are due for the organisation of the ballot to Dave Bettis of the Moseleyfan website, Roger Hildreth (former secretary MSA), John Clayton (former treasurer, MSA), Terry Davies (club volunteer and supporter) and Bryan Skeeles (former chairman of MSA and current secretary of the Moseley Players' Association).

Thanks also again to Bryan and also to the late Peter Woodroofe and to Taff Hughes for providing the historical information for this article.
So watch out for details of how to vote at the end of each season, and for the most important part of the whole process, the announcement of another year's winner and the presentation of the award after the final home league match of the season. Whoever the winner of the award is, we are sure he will be a worthy representative of the Moseley first XV.

John Clayton with additional information from Ewart Patrick.