In Memoriam 

In Memoriam


Recently departed members who have gone to play in the great rugby pitch in the sky are listed below.  We thank them for the good times they gave us and send our condolences and best wishes for the future to all of their families and friends:

Alwynne Evans - Sept 2019

Alan Thomas - August 2019

Micky Steele-Bodger - May 2019

Jan Webster          - Feb 2019

Nigel Creese         - Aug 2018

Pete McGowan      - Jul 2018

Peter Philpott        - Jul 2018

Ken Birrell            - Jun 2018

Ron Hodge           - May 2018

Alan Walker          - Apr 2018

Mike Tremlett       - Mar 2018

Gordon Forrester  - Dec 2017

John Dain                  - Oct  2017

Bryan Skeeles      - July 2017

Ray Burn             - Apr  2017

Tim Edsall            - Jan 2017

Tony Perry           - Oct 2016

David Ramsbottom - Jan 2016

Brian "Tab" Hunter - Aug 2015

Tony Love           - July 2015

Dave Bucknall      - June 2015

Roy Collison         - Nov 2014

David Genders      - Aug 2014

Mike Prosser        - July 2014

Campbell Holden   - April 2014

Les Smith           - Mar 2014

Pat Welch           - Dec 2013

John Venus         - Dec 2013

John Moore         - Nov 2013

Don Lane            - July 2013

Jim Parsons        - May 2013

John Davies        - Mar 2013

Alan Adam          - Mar 2013

Tony Pargetter    - Oct 2012

Andy Petrie         - Aug 2012

Ivan Laughlin      - Aug 2012

JD(Jack) Richards -Jul 2012

George Strachan - Jun 2012

John Phillips        - Jun 2012

Greville Edwards - Mar 2012

James Roden      - Mar 2012

Peter Smith        - Jan 2012

Chris Barbour     - Dec 2011

Jim Beauchamp  - Dec 2011

Roger Stansfield - Nov 2011

John Platnauer    - Oct 2011

Barry Allen         - Aug 2011

Tony Thomas      - Aug 2011

John Blakstad     - May 2011

Roy Hurdman     - Jan 2011

John Wright        - Nov 2010

Lee Dawson        - Nov 2010

George Thomas   - Aug 2010

John Gray           - Feb 2010

Frank Windridge  - Jan 2010

Norman Weaving - Sep 2009


In most cases, a tribute has been made in Moseley Matters and,in some cases, also in the match programmes. But it is worth thinking about the varied and invaluable contribution which many different people have made to our great club over many decades.


People like John Wright and Roy Hurdman graced the field in First XV games and even captained the side with distinction.  Others like Barry Allen played in all the clubs 6 senior sides over 40 years. Chris Barbour was only young when he went but had made his name as a hooker in the First XV with his time at the club.


There were important contributions on the administrative side, as well as playing for the club, from Past President Andy Petrie, ex-Secretary Jim Beauchamp and Tony Thomas. James Roden's more recent work for the Mini & Juniors and the Club's reporting requirements was invaluable. Pete Smith (along with Andy Petrie) started the Colts side in the late 1960s and laid the foundations for the proud playing tradition of our youth section today.  Greville Edwards was the first professional rugby club fund raiser in the 1970s and led the way in generating much needed revenues for the Club. But few can have contributed as much as Alan Adam whose determination and professional expertise has ensured that we still have a club to support.


All of the above listed people made contributions and gained much in return from the comradeship which is a particular feature of our sport and especially this Club.


Which is why all those who carry out the many unpaid roles in our club are greatly valued and respected. Often we all wonder why we put in the contributions we do.  But deep down we know the fantastic legacy, created and developed by so many people over decades of service, which are helping our great Club to survive and prosper. After all, it would be disrespectful to those who have gone before not to.


To all those who have been taken away from us - Salute and Valete