Brian Skeeles’s eulogy at Peter’s funeral on Tuesday 8th January 2008.

'Ethel has asked me to say some words on behalf of our friendship in its sporting aspects. We have been friends for the last thirty years and during this time husbands and wives have enjoyed each others company in so many ways.

'When I first met Peter, in the late 70’s, we gelled from day one because he was a quiet, unassuming English gentleman with great tenacity, consistency and also a wonderful sense of humour. As a result we became not just good friends but good mates. He became the ‘Man for all Seasons’ whatever happened on the roller coaster, which was Moseley rugby over the years.

'Throughout this time the other sporting love of his life was cricket and Warwickshire C.C.C. He obtained his fifty year tie last year, what an achievement! He was a long time member of the Cricket Society, also the Primary Club and a vice president of Moseley Ashfield C.C. He always attended the annual match between Moseley Ashfield C.C. and Moseley Rugby Club and of course the Remembrance Day at the Moseley war memorial.

'Returning to the Moseley years, when he lived alone, after his mother died, he quietly approached Mike Prosser to ask if he could be of assistance on the financial side and started work with our treasurer. This is where all his good work with M.F.C. began. He quickly moved to be treasurer of the club and then the first non-playing President of the club between 1996 and 1998, which was during a very difficult time for the club when the professional era was coming in.

'During this time Peter also helped the Moseley Supporters Association and became their president as well, before being given an honorary membership of the M.P.A.

'In the late 90’s Peter put his head above the parapet and joined Simon Cooper's Moseley Ventures Group, who took over the club when it was in administration. When times got difficult for this group in 2001/02, at the Grand Hotel, Peter’s vote, at great personal sacrifice, kept Moseley together as they are today with the present group in charge.


'Peter contributed to the match programme and helped Jan Webster with the memorabilia in the clubhouse and this along with his ‘vote’ will put him in the folk lore of Moseley rugby, the ‘Man of the Moment’.

'During these times Peter and I have supported Moseley home and away via the supporters' coach and latterly on the players coach, which was a great honour, through thick and thin.

'We followed England and on occasions Scotland via our Melrose connections and were regular attendees at the Melrose Sevens where we took time out to go on the haggis shoot!!!! We went by plane, car, train and coach, the latter our favourite transport, firstly with the West Midlands Police via Kneeler Hall to Twickenham and also to Paris on occasions with Jean Nutt plus Ethel on occasions. We even sang, “Climbing up Sunshine Mountain” in the early evening in Paris. We went to the first Six Nations in Rome, Italy v Scotland.

'Amongst our adventures Peter had his wallet stolen on the Paris Metro but had it retrieved with the help of the railway staff. Then we met a white rabbit in a Paris bar and bought him a drink. I leave it to your imagination, but it was true!!!!!

'Throughout all this and all his life Peter never said a bad word about anyone and would help anyone who needed it. I would like to conclude by saying a big thank you Peter, for all you have done and we know you will always be with us.'

The funeral was attended by well over 150 people with all sections of the club represented and showing their respects. The mourners also included past players such as current Stourbridge director of rugby, Neil Mitchell, the media represented by the Birmingham Post’s Brian Dick and many representatives from Peter’s other varied activities. It was a fitting ceremony for a great clubman.