Micros (Under 6) 

 Micro’s News – School Year Reception & Year 1  


The new seasons training begins on Sunday 03rd September, 10:30am on the Common. 

New players most welcome.  

Any questions contact Matt Faizey, Team Manager,07825 415 964  mfaizey@hotmail.com 



Hello and welcome to you and your child, from Moseley Micros. 

Back in 2004, Moseley and the Rugby Football Union had seen an increasing number of very young (those under 6 years-old) players wanting to play. That was really great news, but we were all very conscious of the difficulties that ones so young have when they’re pushed into groups containing 7 and 8 year-olds. Both their mental and physical capabilities are less well developed and they can often give up the game too soon which is a real waste. 

That’s why we and the RFU took special steps for Under 6s and why the Moseley Micros are here. We’re writing this for you, the adults, so that you have an understanding of what we are trying to achieve and in the hope that you can help get that across to your child a little at a time. The Coaches will be doing the same on the rugby pitch, but some adult reinforcement works wonders! 

Only those Clubs with the RFU’s Seal of Approval or those actively working towards it can train Under 6s. 


Children (both girls and boys) that are in either Reception or Year 1 at school can join. We did experiment with players that were pre-school, but really, they are too young – sorry. 

Obviously we have to keep it simple and there are two key ethics that are part of everything we do: 

  • Fun. 

  • Discipline. 


We’ve identified just four key skills and we’ll work on these in a variety of games and exercises: 

  • Running. 

  • Running with the ball and passing. 

  • Running in support and catching. 

  • Defending. 

There will be no competitive match-play - the RFU doesn’t allow it and we believe that working on skills is more important at this age. The children will get plenty of match-play when they become Under 7s and beyond. 


  • Training is at Billesley Common on Sundays from 11.00 am prompt until 12.00 noon. 

  • We start on Sunday September 1st and we finish at the end of March. We have a slightly longer Christmas break than other age-groups to try and avoid some of the worst weather and we build in  “half-term” breaks to give the children (and adults!) a little rest. 

  •       Consequently, the subscription for the Micros is reduced to just £35 for the full season. If you have any difficulties paying the full subscription, please speak to the Micros Coaches or any of the Mini & Junior Committee, in confidence. 

  •       The group is kept small to ensure each child gets as much individual attention as possible – we look to have a maximum group size of about 24. Every season, we also aim to recruit extra coaching help from you, the adults and particularly those of you with Reception children, to join in and then move up as Coaches with your children. The Mini & Junior Section will pay for your coaching qualifications. 


We’ve already said that we look to have a group of about 24 children, but we want a COMMITTED group. With the inevitable childhood illnesses and occasional other commitments, that means we are unlikely to have less than 16 on any Sunday and the Micros learn as a group and as a team. 

Therefore, we do not operate any form of pre-registration or waiting lists. It is simply a matter of being there in September and your child wanting to be part of the Micros.  We shall not start formal registration until the end of September, but those that have already attended three or four Sundays are given priority. 

What we need from you 

  • To get children there on time –we don’t want team-mates hanging around and getting cold and we shall start at 11.00 am prompt. 

  • To make sure children are suitably clothed – plenty of layers, hat, waterproofs etc. Boots are not strictly necessary, but please make sure trainers are sturdy and with a sole that will grip on astroturf. 

  • To make sure children have a drink– the session is short so we don’t want them disappearing to the clubhouse in the middle of it. 

  • For the same reason, please try to ensure that toilet requirements are dealt with before training! 

  • To cheer the children on from the sidelines! 

Seriously, the RFU keeps a close eye on Under 6 training and they insist that a register is taken and every child has an adult in attendance. We understand that you may not be able to be there every week, but it is up to you to ensure another adult will take responsibility for your child. As you are all too aware (!), children this young always want the toilet at the least convenient time and can lose interest at any time in a one-hour session. 


Detailed coaching plan 








Running straight. 

Looking to the left and right. 

Dodge and change of direction. 

Slowing down, speeding up and side-step. 

Running with the ball 

Holding the ball in 2 hands with fingers spread correctly. 

Accurate passes (not necessarily backwards!), but only on call from the receiver. 

Accurate passes backwards. 

Starting to use wrist strength rather than full arms. 

Running in support 

Getting close enough and shouting. 

Clean catch and run on with the ball. 

Clean catch, run on and then an accurate pass. 


Touching hips to tackle. 

Defensive lines. 

Using the touch-line to defend. 






Smiles, team, mates, learning and improving. 


Whistle, listening, respect for others, coaches and referees. 


Each skill is split into three levels to allow every child to achieve their own improvement and because some of them may do more than one season with the Micros. 

We hope this all makes sense, but if you have any questions, please do no hesitate to ask. Also, if you see improvements that we can make, just tell us. 

Here’s to yet another great Micros season!