Moseley's Most Capped Player 

During the course of Moseley’s history 96 internationals have played for the club. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of these (50) have represented England but there have also been 11 Irishmen, nine Scots, seven Canadians, six Welshmen, one Frenchman, one Argentinean, one American, one Australian, one Bermudan, one Cayman Islander, one Cook Islander, one Indian, one Namibian, one Samoan and one Zimbabwean. In addition both Guy Evers and Rev. Matthew Mullineux played for the British Isles without being capped by England while Brian Keen represented Brazil as well as England.


Of those 96 players only 35 won all or some of their caps while playing for Moseley. The question of who the club’s most capped player is, therefore depends on one’s definition of a Moseley player.


The first Moseley player to gain international recognition was J.H. Rogers who won four England caps in 1890 and 1891 and was also the club’s first international try scorer.


Club legend J.F. ‘Fred’ Byrne was the next Moseley representative to be capped, winning 13 England caps between 1894 and 1899 as well as making four appearances for the 1896 British Isles side in South Africa.


Fred’s record of a total of 17 international appearances remained intact until the 1920’s when Scottish international Dan Drysdale played for Moseley during the first half of the 1926/27 season. By that stage of his career Drysdale had played in 20 international matches, 16 for Scotland and four for the British Isles. He later made a further six appearances for Scotland bringing his final tally of caps to 30, however, none of these were won while he was playing for Moseley.


Peter Cranmer won a total of 16 caps in 1934-38 which made him, at that stage, the most capped England player to appear for Moseley, however, only three of these international appearances were made while he was playing for the club.


Cranmer’s record stood until Peter Robbins made 19 England appearances in 1956-62, however, like Cranmer not all of these caps were won when he was a Moseley player. Peter Robbins was capped six times while at The Reddings.


In 1967-73 John Finlan won 13 England caps while playing for the club and thus equalled Fred Byrne’s record for the number of England caps won while playing for Moseley. This record was equalled in 1977 when Nigel Horton won his 13th cap against Wales. He went on to win a total of 20 caps while playing for Stade Toulousain in France thus making him the most capped Englishman to play for Moseley at that time.


The longstanding record of 13 England caps while playing for Moseley was finally exceeded on 19th March 1983 when Nick Jeavons won his fourteenth and final cap against Ireland.


Mike Teague, whose international career lasted from 1985 to 1993 made a total of 30 international appearances, 27 for England and three for the British Isles. Only five of his England caps and one of his British Isles appearances were made as a Moseley representative but he nevertheless became the most capped Englishman to play for the club and equalled Dan Drysdale’s then record number of international appearances for a Moseley player.


When Al Charron joined the club, in 1996/97, he had already made 31 appearances for Canada thus instantly making him the most capped player to appear for Moseley. He went on to smash this record, however, winning a total of 76 caps between 1990 and 1999, eight of which he won while a Moseley player.


On 2nd November 1994 a young Colin Charvis played his one and only game for Moseley as a guest in a midweek fixture against Barker’s Butts before going on to play 94 times for Wales and twice for the British Isles. He is therefore, by some distance, the most capped player ever to have played for the club.


The various record holders are therefore as follows: -


Most international appearances as a Moseley player J.F. Byrne 17
Most England appearances as a Moseley player N.C. Jeavons 14
Most British Isles appearances as a Moseley player           J.F. Byrne                      4
  C.W. McFadyean              4
Most capped England player to play for Moseley              M.C. Teague                    27
Most capped British Isles player to play for Moseley           J.F. Byrne                      4
  D. Drysdale              4
  C.W. McFadyean               4
Most capped international to play for Moseley                    C. Charvis           96