A Comedy Of Errors 

Moseley had a very poor start to the 1927/28 season and by 5th November they had not won a single game. Their opponents, at The Reddings, on Bonfire Night, were old rivals Coventry, would the home side explode into life or would it turn out to be a damp squib? The weather on this 5th November was bitterly cold and there was a strong wind blowing down the ground. Because of these conditions the game became something of a game of chess with both sides attempting to find openings in their opponents’ defence.

Several of the visiting side had turned out for Warwickshire two days prior to the game and Coventry were also without four of their regular forwards. Moseley’s forwards were able to take advantage of this weakness and were consistently good in the scrums and provided their halfbacks and three quarters with a wealth of quality ball which the latter consistently failed to utilise. The home fly half, W.R.B. Dodgson had a ‘sprightly’ game ‘but as he was about to take the side to victory his pass would either be sent in the wrong direction, or given when the man himself might have got through, or dropped by a partner, or thrown forward’. As The Birmingham Post commented the match ‘had some remarkable "funny" features’.

Coventry won the toss and elected to have first use of the wind and The Reddings slope. The first chances, however, fell to Moseley when winger C.E.A. Flewitt almost got over the line but held on to the ball too long and was tackled. Soon afterwards from a line out near the visitors’ line Flewitt had another opportunity but a poor pass from Dodgson resulted in the ball going dead. It was then Coventry’s turn to miss an opportunity when S. Blake missed a wind-assisted penalty attempt from near halfway. The visiting forwards then broke out of their own half but all that resulted was a missed dropped goal from O. Hicks. There then followed more missed opportunities for Moseley, Dodgson held onto the ball and was tackled, Flewitt was tackled while in possession and winger S.J. Huins knocked on with the line open before him.

At the interval there had been no score by either side. Moseley now had the advantage of the wind and slope but Huins missed another golden opportunity when he put a foot in touch when heading for the goal line. Flewitt then missed with an attempted penalty goal and centre J.W. Linn then missed a penalty attempt. The match seemed destined to result in a scoreless draw until, five minutes, from time when Dodgson dropped a goal to give Moseley a 4-0 victory, which finally get their season underway. This result proved to be something of a false drawn, however, because Moseley’s final record for the season was as follows: Played 34 Won 8 Drawn 3 Lost 23.