2018 Autumn Int Ticket Applications 




Applicants must be paid up season ticket holders for the 2018-2019 season at the time of applying


Saturday 3rd November

Saturday 10th November

Saturday 17th November   Saturday 24th November
England v South Africa England v New Zealand England v Japan     England v Australia     
Kick off 3.00pm  Kick off 3.00pm Kick off 3.00pm Kick off 3.00pm
Tickets £50 to £115

Tickets £70 to £160

Tickets £25 to £60 Tickets £50 to £115


There is an administration charge of £7.50 per match applied for.  Please add this to the total value of your application.

To download your application form click here

All applications must be received at the address stated on the application form by Saturday 30th June latest


All tickets ordered and supplied are subject to RFU terms and conditions.


No member may sell or dispose of tickets to anyone, if not required for the member’s personal use.

Tickets may not be used as raffle/draw/competition prizes.


If you are allocated tickets the club is entitled to know who accompanies you to the game and to request the tickets back after the match.


The club keeps a record of all tickets and recipients.  Details may be requested by the RFU for up to 12 months after a match.


Checks are carried out at all International matches.


If any tickets allocated to Birmingham Moseley are discovered on the black market or used by unauthorised persons the RFU may sanction the member and/or the club, which may lose part or the whole of its allocation for future matches.

Please note that we have been advised by the RFU Ticket Office that photographs of tickets must not be placed on social media sites. This has recently resulted in tickets being copied and advertised illegally by third parties, resulting in possible sanctions on the clubs involved.