Under 8 Match Report V Festival (home) Sun 06/10/2013 

34th Mini Moseley Festival 06th October 2013

What a fabulous day of rugby and excitement for the Moseley Under 8’s taking part in their first home festival and the weather couldn’t have been more kind to us. 

Under 8's Moseley A match report

The team consisted of Joe, Henry, Sam, Millun, Harvey, Frankie, Louis and initially Adam (before Adam’s skills were required in another team and coached by Ger. Notable performances on the day must go to Joe and Henry but also Sam who, despite not quite getting on the score sheet, was a great team player and integral to the A’sall day. 

The first game saw Moseley A’s a bit surprised by a very organised Droitwich A team who got a couple of early tries.  We clawed back however to a very respectable score of 15-20 (to Droitwich) with great tries from Millun, then Frankie, and finally, Henry.  We were let down a little by our tagging in this game whilst we were very close to getting more tries but the formidable Droitwich managed to turn us over a couple of times with the 7 tag limit! 

Our second game saw a much more lively and defensive Moseley A team and a victory over Bournville 20-15.  Joe scored his first of many tries of the day and a great try from Henry was followed by 2 tries in very quick succession from Frankie in the second half, one of which wouldn’t have looked out of place on the telly.  More importantly, however, the team were much better at tagging and managed to stop Bournville from scoring themselves by tagging them over and over before they got to the line. ‘TAG, TAG, TAG!’, illicited much joy from the parents anxiously watching on the sideline. A very hearty performance and a really good battle against Bournville.  Well done boys.

Our third game saw us pitched against Old Sills A’s.  Their organisation and speed proved a little too much for our brave boys who probably needed a bit of lunch by this stage and the final score was 15-25 (to Sills).  Big shout out to Millun who got his second try of the day after grafting really hard, then Joe with a real stunner and, finally to dependable Henry, which helped the score line and to lift spirits. Sam, Louis, Harvey and Frankie battled away all game but, as a team, we couldn’t quite grab enough tags.  A very respectable score, however, against a very good side.

After a few well-earned snacks (and coffee for the grown ups), the boys donned their tag belts again for a super match against Sutton Coldfield.  This really was a great display of teamwork and a very entertaining match to watch.  Joe triumphantly and stylishly scored the first and third tries after some amazing team work by the others and good following up.  Louis scored a lovely try in between and got himself on the score sheet.    Sutton came out victorious in the end with a 15-25 win but the performance of Moseley A’s showed grit and determination.

Our final game against Worcester A left the boys wanting to go out on a high and that they certainly did. Not only did Harvey finish off the game by getting himself on the scoresheet with a great try with seconds to go, Henry set the score off with a truly fantastic try, Louis scored a bit of a beauty, and then Joe, weaving in out like a pro made it 3 tries to Moseley.  Our tagging was excellent in this game too and kept the pressure up, despite tired legs, on Worcester A’s.  Sam, whose head never went down, and Millun were always there to support their team mates and Frankie took a bit of a tumble, showing his commitment to the team. The final score was 20-10 to Moseley and was a fitting end to a great day of rugby in the sunshine.

Try count:

Joe – 5

Henry – 4

Frankie – 3

Millun – 2

Louis - 2

Harvey – 1


Under 8's Moseley B match report


Coach: Danny

1st Match:  Moseley B v Southport.  25:15

Good start to the tournament with Moseley scoring a total 5 trys. The 4th try saw Noelie receive the ball at the half way mark, going on a run and scoring.  During the 2nd half Moseley boys put their tagging skills to good use.
Try scorers: Ethan, Josh, Max scoring 1 each and Noelie 2

2nd Match: Moseley B v Woodrush: 20:5

This game was a team performance with quick tagging and try opportunities taken.
Try scorers: Ethan, Jonathon, Josh and Noelie

3rd Match: Moseley B v Old Sils 15:20

A game that was very close, end to end and a little controversial at the end, with the final score going against the Moseley boys, but what a performance they put in against a very strong tagging side.
Try scores: Jack, Josh and Noelie

4th Match:  Moseley B v Stourbridge  10:20

A hard fought game was played against Stourbridge, a few lost balls from the Moseley boys that saw change in possession. Tagging skills were good and they worked hard as a team, good effort indeed.
Try scorer: Noelie 2

5th Match: Moseley B v The Barbarians 20:20

This saw the boys playing against some of their training team mates, spirits were high with strong determination evident on both sides. A well fought match with plenty of tries to be had.
Try scorers: George, Jonathon, Max and Noelie

6th Match:  Moseley B v Worcester 15:15

Final match saw a further draw, tired boys with enough spirit to continue tagging  and great try's been scored.
Try scorers: Jonathon, Josh and Noelie.

A great team spirit was seen amongst the boys, performances were excellent enjoying the wins and accepting defeat with good grace. Well done Moseley B Boys.

With 8 try's over the tournament Noelie was player of the day.