Under 9 Match Report V Festival () Sun 05/10/2014 

Moseley Festival 5th October 2014 Under 9’s


Match Reports for Moseley Griffins

Griffins – Aled, Henry T, Adam, George A, Jacob, Ben, Noelie, Billy, Nathan, Millun


Moseley Griffins 10 - Lichfield 15

Lichfield kicked off the game with a very quick try, which alerted the Moseley Griffins to the task ahead! 0-5. we then saw a super run from Noelie, who found Millun, George and Henry before they ran out of tackles.  Rock-solid tackling was then seen by Aled and Ben who stopped Lichfield in their tracks.  On the restart, Ben passed to Henry who passed back to Ben, found Billy who laid off to Millun.  Millun passed to Amazing Aled who ran for his life and scored a wonder try to make it all square before half time 5-5.


Moseley restarted after the break and we saw a nice team advance from Henry, Ben, Adam and Nathan, followed by a cheeky run from battler Billy who passed back to dependable Henry who found Millun.  Millun laid off to Aled who weaved before passing to Millun who made a beaut run before being stopped by Lichfield.  Lichfield then nicked the ball in a very nifty move and ran through to score 5-10.   Moseley did not let their heads drop, however, and we witnessed tenacious efforts from Ben, Henry, Alex, Jacob, Millun, Noelie and Nathan on the attack.  When Lichfield had the ball, Aled continued to tackle like a monster, along with Noelie who was never far behind.  Determined Millun then took the ball off Lichfield in a neat move, passed to Noelie who made a totally stunning run whilst the crowd whooped, and scored in the corner.  10-10. despite some more solid tackling from Ben, Moseley were tiring and Lichfield sneaked in another try before the full-time whistle to the final score 10-15.  Well done, Griffins - better luck next time.


Moseley Griffins 20 - Bournville 0

This uber-exciting game started with a quick try from super Aled making it 5-0 and who then, on the restart, tackled Bournville to push them into touch.  A lovely move then from Ben to Henry, who passed to nimble Millun who made a surging run before being brought down.  Aled received the ball on the restart, stormed through the opposition as if they weren’t even there, and scored again 10-0.  Superb tackling then from Noelie, Henry, and Jacob (who had the game of this young life) stopped Bournville from coming back before the half-time whistle.


The second half was just as good.  George laid off to Henry, who found Adam who passed back to Noelie.  Noelie advanced up the pitch like a 100m sprinter, passed to Ben, who found Nathan who noticed Aled in support.  Aled took the ball and made one of his delectable runs to score his hat-trick.  15-0. Noelie and Aled were there again, tackling to get the ball back from Bournville.  Billy then took the advance up, finding Ben and Henry who then made a lovely pass to Noelie.  Yes, you’ve guessed it – Noelie stormed up the pitch like a boy on fire and scored a genius try.  20-0. Jacob came back on then and stunned the crowds with some great tackling, alongside his team-mates Aled, Ben, Noelie, Nathan and Billy.  Bournville couldn’t get through and Jacob pushed them into touch before the final whistle.  Superb effort, Griffins, we loved it.  20-0.



Match Reports for Moseley Phoenix

Phoenix – Jack H, Cian, Ethan, Harry, Joe, George W, Josh, Joe, Max, Jonny D, Sam, Theo


Moseley Phoenix 15 - Sutton 20

A great attacking start from Moseley saw new boy-wonder, Harry, score a lovely try.  Hurrah for him joining the club!  5-0. shortly afterwards, brave Joe was brought down on one of his trademark runs, causing a reoccurrence of his knee injury.  He, sadly, had to be carried off by the coaches to claps from the crowds.   Despite some great tackling by Josh, Harry, and Jonny, Sutton ran through to equalize 5-5.  Some solid running from Josh, Max, Sam and George who all got stuck right in, couldn’t quite pay off and Moseley ran out of tackles.  Sutton then ran through and scored again, just before half time. 5-10.

The second half started with some superb tackling from George, Josh, and Sam who pushed Sutton into touch. Lovely passing was then seen from Harry, George, Max, Josh, Sam, Jonny, and Jack but Sutton came back to push them into touch.  Valiant tackling from Harry, Sam, and George couldn’t stop Sutton though who scored again.  5-15. a beautiful team effort then saw Jonny pass to Josh, who found Max, then George.  After a tackle, Jack passed to Josh who found Jonny.  Jonny made a storming, diagonal run to touch down and score a mean try, delighting the crowds.  10-15. Sutton came straight back, however, with a super, weaving try from their fast man and took the score to 10-20.   Not to be outdone, Josh made a simply mahoosive run from the re-start, passed to George who found Mighty Max who, despite a super effort, got pushed into touch.  Sutton restarted but wily Josh soon nicked the ball and made a delightful run, virtually the length of the pitch to score just before the full time whistle.  Well done that man - it was only a matter of time!  The game ended 15-20 – a very respectable score in an entertaining game against a very good side.


Moseley Phoenix 30 - Nuneaton 5

Fired up after their defeat against Sutton in the first game, team Phoenix came back from the flames in impressive style. Gaining possession from the kick off Phoenix came under immediate pressure from the Nuneaton pack. The Phoenix defence held and after some excellent linking play from Joshua, George and Jonathan a gap opened up in the Nuneaton line which allowed Joe room to run through with the ball from deep within Phoenix half to score the first try of the game.

Soon after the re-start Nuneaton gained quick ground and despite heroic tackling from Harry, Samuel and Max, Nuneaton ran in a quick try to bring the scores level at 1-1.

Unperturbed Phoenix were able to gain possession after a Nuneaton knock on and then Phoenix went on the attack pinning Nuneaton in their own half, recycling the ball well in the face of a tough Nuneaton defence. After a couple of great runs Jonathan was able to gain enough ground to put Phoenix within striking distance of the Nuneaton try-line. On the 5th tackle George recycled the ball flipping it out to Joe who ran it in to the corner to score putting Phoenix back in the lead at 2-1.

Nuneaton came back straight from the kick off and Phoenix had to tackle strongly to prevent Nuneaton finding a way through. Eventually Phoenix were rewarded with turnover ball and Harry ran in an excellent try after great supporting play by Max and Sam. 3-1

In the second half Phoenix were able to fend off a strong Nuneaton attack and after excellent tackling from Cian and Theo, Phoenix were able to re-gain possession and were awarded a penalty for a high tackle. Jack reacted quickly spinning the ball out to Josh who ran into the corner for his first try of the game. 4-1.

With their confidence up there was no stopping the Phoenix - after some great teamwork Joe found another hole in the Nuneaton defence and ran in to score putting the score at 5-1.

Finally after sustained pressure from Phoenix team, Josh ran in another try from the half way line to make the final score 6-1.


Moseley Phoenix 25 – Camp Hill 10

Buoyed up by their win against Nuneaton, team Phoenix started strongly, however despite solid defensive play by the whole team, Camp hill opened the scoring with a try on 2 minutes.

Phoenix replied from the kick off with Max ploughing through the Camp hill defence and then off loading to Josh, who finished the job with a well earned try, equalising the scores at 1-1.

From the kick off Phoenix quickly regained possession and with strong forward play, Harry picked up the ball and drove through the Camp Hill defence to score a magnificent try, putting the Phoenix back on top. 2-1

Again Camp Hill responded strongly from the re-start and penetrated the Phoenix defence to run in a quick try into the corner to put the scores level at 2-2.

After a rousing half time team talk, Phoenix came out with fire in their bellies and soon took the advantage. Sam put Phoenix back in the lead with a fantastic try, running from deep within Phoenix territory, he evaded Camp Hill's best tacklers, diving over the line to make the score 3-2.

After the re-start Phoenix were quick to regain possession and kept the pressure on Camp Hill for the remainder of the half. Harry found himself on the end of great linking play, running in another couple of tries to settle the final score at 5-2 to the Phoenix.


Phoenix – Hereford B

Phoenix were up on Hereford from the kick off and pinned Hereford into their own half. Hereford were able to absorb the pressure and keep possession. With good inter-linking play they were able to break down the wing to run in the first try. Hereford scored again soon after the re-start putting the score at 0-2.

Phoenix were able to respond with a try for Joe breaking through the Hereford lines to score in the corner 2-1. Hereford broke through Phoenix line to score again just before half time 1-3

Hereford score again straight after half time and then again from the re-start 1-5...

Unfortunately Joe got injured at this point and our attention was turned to him. All the best Joe!


Match Reports for Moseley Bears

Bears – Louis, Harvey, Jonny B, Dylan, Henry F, Oscar, Frankie, Stanley, Tom, Aiden


Moseley Bears 15 - Sutton 30

The Bears were a little shell shocked when Sutton stormed out of the blocks to score 0-5. Stanley, Tom, and new Moseley recruits, Henry and Dylan, made some valiant efforts to advance but Moseley were pushed into touch.  Sutton ran through again and after some great tackling from Louis and Harvey, had a try disallowed.  They managed to get through on the restart near the try-line, however, to make it 0-10.  Moseley tried very hard to push through Sutton, with great efforts from Stanley, Harvey, Jonny and Tom but was persistently tackled and saw a strong Sutton power through again making it 0-15.  Despite efforts from the team to stop Sutton with good tackling from Dylan, Henry and Aiden, Sutton scored 2 more tries before half time to make it 0-25.


The coaches must have given a great team talk in the interval as the Bears were a different team when they came back on.  Strongman Dylan immediately powered through Sutton and almost scored.  Henry then passed to Louis who found Harvey who scored a properly wonderful try. Well done Harvs!  5-25. back up the other end, Dylan made a try-saving tackle, pushing Sutton into touch.  Dylan then restarted play, found Louis who found ever-present Jonny.  Sutton then, somehow, managed to steal the ball and despite good tackling from Frankie, Jonny, and Henry, went on to score 5-30.  Persistent Jonny was not to be put off, though, and he made a crucial run on the restart, passed to Louis who made a brilliant, weaving run this way and that to score a try for Mose.  10-30.


Harvey, Henry, Oscar and Louis - their spirits lifted somewhat - then showed off some excellent tackling.  Tenacious Henry took the ball, found Louis who laid it off to whippet, Jonny, who ended the game with a superb run and try, making the final score 15-30.  The Bears certainly won the second half against difficult opposition and made us very proud!



Moseley Bears 0 – Hereford B 30

The Bears second game saw them take on a strong Hereford B team. From the start a few missed tackles led to an early try to Hereford, Moseley rallied a with some pressure in the Hereford half but a turnover put Hereford on the attack which resulted in the second try of the game. The Bears were not down hearted and a strong run from Harvey and a great tackle from Dylan raised the spirits. Hereford managed to keep Bears at bay and surged forward for a 3rd try on the stroke of ½ time. The second half continued in a similar manner and missed tackles allowed Hereford their fourth try. The Bears then had their best period with good work from Dylan, Louis and Jonny but Herefords defence was strong. A break from defence meant another try for Hereford. The Bears continued to show good effort but the final move of the game resulted in a 6th try for Hereford.


Moseley Bears 35 – Camp Hill 20

The Bears started this game with a fantastic try. Frankie passed to Dylan just inside the Camp Hill half, Dylan then surged through the Camp Hill defence to record the first try of the game. Camp Hill went on the offensive and looked likely to score until Louis pushed the attacker into touch. It wasn’t long, though until Camp Hill registered an equalising try. From the kickoff some good interplay between Stan and Aiden fed the ball to Dylan and finally to Jonny who went on one of his trademark jinky runs to score his first try of the game – 3-1 to the Bears. Camp Hill rallied and was subdued with some good tackling from Harvey and Henry. They did however break free to score a second try on the stroke of ½ time. Half time 3-2 to the Bears.

In the second half Camp Hill started with good interplay and scored an equalising try. The Bears were not deterred and following a turnover Jonny scored his second try of the game with a mazy run through the heart of the Camp Hill defence. More good play from Moseley saw Louis make a fine run down the left flank the give the Bears some breathing space in what was becoming a pulsating game.   Dylan then got on the score sheet to make it 6-3; a strong run by Camp Hill brought them a fourth try. Fittingly the game finished with a seventh try for the Bears and hatrick, for man of the match Jonny B, Finals score in this fantastic game 7-4 to the Bears.


Moseley Bears 10 – Moseley Phoenix 35

Both sides needed a win to have a chance of reaching the semi finals. The Bears wore orange bibs to distinguish themselves from their Moseley colleagues. All old allegiances were put aside for this crucial game. Phoenix kicked off and a strong break from Josh saw first blood to the Phoenix. The Bears rallied and some good passing set up Louis for a run down the left flank resulting in an equalising try. Some tight play followed but the bears were dealt a blow when Dylan sustained and injury and was taken off to recover. Soon after both Josh and Sam surged forward to score tries.

The bears tried to rally Stan and Jonny going on forward runs. Harvey continued to tackle well but the bears couldn’t stop Josh getting his 3rd try of the half, Bears 1-4 Phoenix HT.

The second half saw substitutes come on for the Bears but the Phoenix retained the ascendancy and went onto score 2 further tries. Jonny got one back before Sam wrapped up a 7-2 victory for the Phoenix. Well contested by both Moseley teams and the game was tighter than the score suggests. Well done lads!


Moseley Bears 10 - Nuneaton 25

The Bears final game saw them take on an inform Nuneaton team with aspirations of making the semi finals. Two early tries put Nuneaton in a strong position. To the Bears credit they continued to work hard and with good play in the middle of the pitch from Henry and Aiden, Dylan got a chance to drive forward and get a try back. Harvey, Stan and Thomas were grappling the opposition in the middle of the pitch during the Bears best spell of the game. This however stirred Nuneaton into more pressure and despite the Bears best efforts Nuneaton scored 2 more tries to make the half time score 1-4.

The second half started brightly for the Bears when Louis surged down the left flank to plant the ball over the try line. Unfortunately the referee adjudged he had gone out of play and awarded the ball to Nuneaton, Cruelly from the restart Nuneaton surged forward to make it 1-5. Again the Bears showed great resilience and determination and a good passing move allowed Jonny to break free and score the final try of the day



Sophie Williams, Neil Walker & Nick Pemberton