Senior Academy Match Report V Stratford (Away) Sat 30/09/2006 
Stratford upon Avon Colts 8 Moseley Colts 55 -  September 30th 2006 

On consecutive sunny Saturdays the Colts have travelled away to further their rugby education, and have faced totally different scenarios. Last week it was the "professional" face of rugby in the guise of Leicester Tigers Academy that faced the lads, and well they responded going down 18-3 in a lively encounter. This week, the visit to Stratford in a "pool" match, posed an entirely different set of questions.

With all due respect to our opponents, there are games when the side will expect to have domination and if this is the case they are asked to retain their shape and structure, playing as a team and not doing their own thing in certain situations. This has always proved to be easy to say but not so easy to achieve. Having more space always encourages players to firstly run too far with the ball, and secondly, offer support play off the ball rather than on it.
Additionally, everyone wants a piece of the action in the scoring stakes to the detriment of team play.
Saturday's match was a mixture of good and bad with 8 tries being scored, some from excellent play, whilst a number of others went begging because of players "going off script". This is not to deny them the chance to express themselves by insisting that they play by numbers, but by realising that certain situations require good habits.


Tries were scored at regular intervals throughout the game and it is to Stratford's credit that they scored the last points of both halves with a penalty on 35 minutes and a try in the final minute. Their young side competed well and showed the visitors that you lose focus against any side at any time and you are likely to be punished.
Try scorers; Yarwood(3), Warner(2), Weaver(2), Solomon.
Conv. Warner(3), Oliver(2).