Junior Academy Match Report V Derby (Home) Sun 03/10/2010 

  Moseley21   Derby 20


Friendly - Sunday 3/10/2010


The score sheet doesn’t lie, it was that close! We won with the last kick of the game.

The weather on Sunday was horrendous and unfortunately some of the rugby on show from Moseley was worse.

After playing on a Sunday last week that was perfect for the type of game that we are striving to play, and the boys enjoy playing, we were confronted by two things that were always going to provide a different kind of test. The first, obviously, was the weather. The second was a very organised and combative Derby side.

In some ways I was quite pleased to have this side in these kinds of conditions. We have proved on countless occasions that we can play an open, expansive and attractive game, however, the rain, wind and opposition would mean that we would have to master the darker arts of a controlled, compressed, tactical game plan.

For most of the game Alan (Head Coach) and myself were left tearing our hair out on the touchline after numerous mistakes and an inability to retain possession meant that we trailed 20 – 7 going into the last quarter.

The most annoying part of the game for me was the fact that we seemed to have a complete inability to play to the conditions and dictate on the game when and where we were going play and, dare i say it, there seemed to an element of arrogance in the team that seemed to think that we merely had to turn up to win.

I have to admit that coming into the last quarter I thought that the game was over for us. We were stringing enough phases of play together and we weren’t executing when we were in their twenty two to get the scores we needed.

From somewhere, and quite how I’m yet still to understand, we came back and dominated the final quarter of the game. We weren’t on top form even in that time but there seemed to be an edge to us that matched the confidence that we had gone into the game. In the last ten minutes with multiple charges at the line we were getting closer and closer to the winning score.

Almost on the whistle we got there and Ben Morgan showed great composure to slot the conversion that gave us the slanderous of victories.

The lads didn’t quite get the verbal hairdryer treatment but sometimes a victory feels like a loss and there was certainly more in this win that needs to be worked on than questions answered.

However, to put the game into context. We were by no means at full strength, we still have players missing through Representative commitments, injury, illness and a couple were AWOL, in the latter stages we seemed to have realised how to master the elements and have come out with a win when all aspects seemed to point to a loss.

There’s a saying about good teams can still win when playing badly, I’m all for that, but we have to insure that this performance is only a blip and normal service will be regained, with lessons learnt, when we have our next League match @ Bromsgrove in a couple of weeks time. - Geraint Lewis