Junior Academy Match Report V Stourbridge (Home) Sun 28/03/2010 

The outcome of this match was to decide who would win the Division title.  Even though Moseley had not lost a game, Stourbridge could still win the Division on points scored difference, if they won the game.  Things were therefore quite tense in the changing room with the anticipation of so much resting on one game.


Following last week’s encouraging win against Ledbury we started well as we scored two minutes after the kick off. We then proceeded to attack Stourbridge every way we could with every visit into their 22 resulting in points scored. 


Although against less physical opposition than we have met on some occasions this season, this was a strong performance, with forwards and backs playing together as a real team partnership, demonstrating unselfish and supportive play.


The forwards showed a much greater strength in rucks and mauls, while the backs were passing the ball quickly into space and creating scoring opportunities.  Another plus point was that the penalty count was far less.


One of the unforgettable moments of the Second half was the delay caused by an elderly lady taking a short cut across the pitch!  


It is hard to pick out one particular player as outstanding as we played as a team.  Everyone contributed to the victory in their own way from the forwards to the backs each played their part in this success.  The team is at last coming together mainly due to the coaching of Tom Garritty with Dan Oselton, who have persevered throughout this season. - John Bellenger