Junior Academy Match Report V Woodrush League W4 (Away) Sun 11/10/2009 

Our game plan was to play all our rugby in the opposition half and create a strangle hold that would force Woodrush into mistakes and make them play rugby deep in their own half. The conservative plan was simply to try keep the pressure off us and on them. We wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible with a victory under our belts.  


Everyone in the pack more than played their part. The aggression levels were good as some of the technical elements. Woodrush’s defence, to their credit their tackling was very good, had they been even a little off the mark it could have been all over, very early.


The first half went through a couple of phases, we looked a little tense in the first 5 minutes, then calmed, scored a try, went off the boil and let Woodrush back into the game, we should have closed them out.  We scored some well worked tries that wouldn’t have been out of place at a professional level.


The result never looked cut and dried as Woodrush came back strongly in the second half as they changed their tactics as they saw holes in our defence.


Looking at the plus points, the forwards were outstanding, the tries were taken well, people didn’t panic, the game plan was used but people were happy to change things and take people on. We never looked in trouble, disciple was good and our error count was low.


Down-side? We didn’t turn the screw. We could have finished the game early had we taken the chances in the first half, some of the decision making in the second half was a little questionable but at one stage it was almost as though there were too many options, the forwards lost a couple of key line outs 5 metres from the line.