Under 13 Match Report V Willenhall (Home) Sun 09/10/2011 

Moseley 80-0 Willenhall


The sun still managed to drag itself out this weekend for our first encounter with Willenhall.  Again an almost full squad presented itself for duty.  Willenhall were keen opposition but less experienced by a significant margin.  Once more we split the session up, this time into three periods of 15 minutes, enabling all to get match experience. 


The backs, although they did not disappoint last weekend, played with more secure hands, less dropped balls, and were able to move the ball very well. Forwards started very physically, rucking and mauling aggressively. 


However, as is often the case when playing a weaker team, cracks were visible as players began to relax slightly as the morning progresses, hitting the rucks with less power. It is really important that, whoever the opposition, we commit 100% at all times.  It won’t be long before the likes of Worcester and Sills start appearing over the horizon!


Scoreline was kept healthy clicking over throughout, and to their credit, Willenhall never gave up, always eager to return for the restart. 


1st third                Moseley 34         Willenhall 0

2nd third               Moseley 22         Willenhall 0

3rd third                Moseley 24         Willenhall 0

Overall                   Moseley 80         Willenhall 0


A very successful start to the season.  We have a fit and healthy squad of experienced players, all eager to take their part in any match.  We have had the chance to put into action our 8 man scrum and to develop some effective backs moves. 


Important now we keep up the high expectations for our team, preparing ourselves for what will be, without a doubt, some tough and competitive games in the next couple of months.


James, Chris, Dave and Paul.