Under 7 Match Report V Walsall/Camp Hill (Walsall) Sun 09/10/2011 



I'm more than happy to let you have a short report on the first ever match that our boys AND TWO GIRLS played in at Walsall!!!!!! We dare not miss the girls out as they are both forces to be reckon with!


'Well, what can I say other than didn't they play absolutely brilliantly. The children all arrived excited and raring to go. So much so that I thought they were going to tire themselves out before the match started with all the running around and ball play they were doing.


The first game resulted in a 6 - 6 draw with Alfie and Tom scoring 1 try each and Nathan & Amaan scoring 2 each. Alfie had to go off in the first half due to an injury to his face but he soon recovered and was raring to go on again.


The second game resulted in an 6 - 8 win to Walsall with Alfie scoring 4 tries, and Se and Amaan 1 try each. But again we had another injury. This time it was Joshua who had to come off with a knee injury but in true rugby style he also soon recovered.


The children had plenty of encouragement and guidance from Paul during the matches that kept them going in the right direction (most of the time!)


All of our 15 children had plenty of match play and when not playing in the match took themselves off to play their own little game. The children played really well with lots of enthusiasm, fast running, team work and plenty of tagging the opposition (and not too much confusion about which way to run!) They all appeared to really enjoy the morning.


The parents gave lots of encouragement to all the players and cheered and clapped both teams (although ours got a louder cheer).


We couldn't have asked for better weather. The sun was shining and the temperature really mild. I bet we won't be that lucky next week at Moseley!


Thanks to Walsall RFC Under 7s for making us feel so welcome and giving us a couple of really good games to settle us into the season. They gave us 3 cheers at the end of the match and I think we should give Paul and all the players 3 cheers from us for doing so well.


Here's to a really good enjoyable game next week and for the rest of the season.


Alison Lane, Under 7s Manager