Senior Academy Match Report V Old Northamptonians (Home) Sat 04/02/2012 

National Colts Cup


Moseley 5  Old Northamptonians 11



The only weather present on the All Weather Pitch was bitter cold, as Mosley were literally frozen out of the National Cup.


Sub zero temperatures had put paid to most (if not all) local fixtures, but the Colts were ‘fortunate’ to be playing on the Crumb. A typical Billesley ‘breeze’ added to the atmosphere, as did the steady snow fall being blown on the wind down and across the pitch into the players faces.


Moseley kicked of into the wind, Northampton gathered, ran back up field before clearing to touch on Moseley’s ten metres. Moseley won their own throw, catching and passing the ball of the top. They passed the ball infield, only for it to be fumbled and knocked on.


Handling errors were to become a feature of the game, but with a ball that probably exhibited the properties of a block of ice, and with hands that had the feelings of a block of wood it should not be surprising.


Northampton had the early territorial advantage and were rewarded with a penalty on six minutes which was converted to take an early lead. The score was doubled five minutes later when Moseley were penalised at a ruck just outside their 22.


The next quarter of an hour was spent in the middle part of the park, neither team being able to create any sort of pressure until Moseley had a line out just inside the Northampton 22. They caught the ball and a slow drive got them up to the 5 metres. The referee was playing advantage as Moseley passed the ball inside, but a fumble saw him blow for the original offence. A quick thinking Dave Brazier taped it to himself, ran a couple of metres before feeding Ben Meadows on the outside who powered through and under the defence to score the first try of the game in the left hand corner.


It was to be the last real action of the first period before the referee blew for half time and a score line reading 5 points to 6.


The opening of the second half was again characterised by scrappy play from both sides, with Northampton just shading territory. They had a penalty which they kicked to touch about 8 metres from the Mosley line, with a successful catch and drive resulting in a try.


From then on the knock on count from both teams continued to mount meaning neither team could retain possession for long enough to create meaningful opportunities.


Northampton had an advantage just on Moseley’s 22 and an attempted drop goal to nothing missed the posts, as did the penalty kick for the original offence. Moseley caught and drove a lineout from just inside the Northampton 22, getting to within two metres before the ball went to ground. Moseley recycled and passed infield, but another fumble saw the opportunity lost


Although the home team had marginally the better of territory the game fizzled out, with a knock on by the home team on their own 22 signalling the end of the game.


With the cold already set in, the teams did away with the normal pleasantries on the pitch and headed for the relative shelter of the changing rooms to form the tunnel.


Congratulations to a larger crowd than usual, most of who lasted the match and gave vocal support throughout, before they too beat a hasty retreat to the bar (or other warmer places)





J. Lawless Fisher, J Lea, A. Cotton, T. Dalton, A. Yousaf, J Baillie, H. Pitt, B. Meadows



L Brookes, C. Fensome, J. Oliver, J. Jones, C. Wellington, B. Morgan, D. Brazier



P. Harley, A. Brown, C. Ward, R. Dinardo, J Hale, J. Mclaren, S. Shepherd 



Ben Meadows (28 mins)